Taking young children around the world


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Week of November 16-23, 1995

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Taking young children around the world

Taking young children around the world
Q: Hi, we’re looking for some good guidebooks or advice on traveling with kids. We’re planning a year-long trip with a 10- and a 5-year-old. Our itinerary includes Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, India, Nepal, Europe, and hopefully South Africa. Any advice?
Denise Hunter
Burnaby, British Columbia

A: A good idea while planning your trip is to pick up Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children for $11.95 in any major bookstore. This publication sums up almost everything you need to know about taking your children around the world: places to eat, places to stay, what to pack, medical treatment, basic health rules,
cultural interaction, and various travel tips and stories. Rest assured it’s not that difficult. According to Travel with Children, “From about the age of four on, travel with children becomes a real pleasure. It is still hard work, but also very rewarding as your children now form their own impressions and relationships, and can tell you what
they are experiencing.” For more information, call Lonely Planet at 800-275-8555. Have fun!

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