Tennessee’s not-so-Lost Sea


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Tennessee’s not-so-Lost Sea
Question: I am trying to find information about the Lost Sea in Tennessee. It is a very large lake which inhabits an underground cave.

Kim Hall
Tyler, TX

Adventure Adviser: The Lost Sea is, unfortunately, no big mystery. It’s a 4-acre lake, 140 feet under the ground in a cave in southeastern Tennessee–and a full-fledged tourist operation to boot. The only way in is via an hour-long, guided tour that will cost you $9 per person and entails a half-mile hike through several cave rooms to the lake,
a 20-minute boat ride, and a quarter-mile trek out of the cave. In the true spirit of customer satisfaction, the Lost Sea is open 364 days a year (not Christmas) and is an easy 8 miles off I-75 in Sweetwater (exit 60). Summer is peak season, with July bearing the brunt of tourist impact; plan on going in the fall if you’re determined to lose the crowds. For details, call the
Lost Sea Cave tour operator at 423-337-6616.

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