Things to do in Rhodes, Greece


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Things to do in Rhodes, Greece

Things to do in Rhodes, Greece
Question: I plan on going to Rhodes, Greece, on my own for 10 days in October and want to fill my trip with every possible adventure opportunity that awaits me. Any suggestions, contacts, etc.?

Tina Jordan
Norwalk, CT

Adventure Adviser: I’d spend most of my days in Rhodes lazing on the terrace of a whitewashed villa by day and smashing plates and drinking Ouzo by night. Not really, but if you want adventure, Rhodes has it.

First and foremost, Rhodes is yacht central for the southeast Aegean Sea. You could book yourself on a week-long charter and sail from quaint coastal port to quaint coastal port.

Or if you’re too much of a landlubber for a week’s worth of sailing, you could charter a boat for a day. Either way, you should get out on the water for the true Grecian experience. The typical yacht charter is a 38-foot sailboat that comes with a skipper and room to sleep six. Prices start at about $2,500 per week, so if you have five friends to split it with, it doesn’t
add up to that much. If you’re going alone, you might want to make friends quickly. For more information call Yacht Agency Rhodes at 011-30-241-22-927.

Last I heard, scuba diving was only permitted on the island’s north cove at Kallithéa, where you’ll find a tunnel system at a depth of about 40 feet. Dive Med (241-33-654) or Waterhoppers (241-38-146) can set you up with gear and instructions. A full dive with either operation will run you about $60.

For hiking, three main peaks at the center of the island top out at 3,986 feet. If you start in the village of Siána, it’ll take you approximately two and a half hours to shoot up to the summit of Attaviros.

If you don’t particularly value your life but want real adventure, pack your road bike. You’ll find that Greek drivers don’t like to share the road and most roads are too narrow to be shared in the first place.

Though you’re planning to venture to Greece on your own, you may find that it’s hard to find quality equipment to rent. Therefore, consider a few of the following package tours: sea Kayaking with the Northwest Passage ($1,800; 800-732-7328), horseback riding with FITS Equestrian ($1,065; 800-666-3487), or hiking with Country Walkers ($1,200; 800-225-2380).

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