The Trip-Finder, January 1998

Sea-Kayaking College Fjord

Outfitter Departures Price Accommodations
North Star Adventures
3 $1,100 camping, tourist hotels

The Route: Four days of exploring a virtually unknown backwater of Prince William Sound, where you’ll paddle among sea otters, icebergs, and hanging glaciers, and set up base camp on a spectacular ledge overlooking the sea.

When to go: June to August

Difficulty: Moderate

Travel advisory: Though deet can make you break out in a dreadful rash, it’s the only repellent capable of warding off Alaska’s bulletproof mosquitoes. A 65-percent deet spray is about right.

High/low points:

  • Watching from your kayak as a 300-foot high slab of ice slides into the fjord.
  • Trying to eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner through a headnet on days when the mosquitoes are particularly relentless.

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