Travel dangers in Egypt and Libya


Week of December 4-10, 1997
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Travel dangers in Egypt and Libya
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Travel dangers in Egypt and Libya
Question: Are there any two- to three-week bike tours available that explore the southern shore of the Mediterranean? I would ideally like to cycle and explore Tunisia, Libya, or Egypt.

Gord Harder
Winnipeg, Canada

Adventure Adviser: Exploring Egypt or Libya by bike wouldn’t be prudent in the current state of global affairs. The State Department Travel Warning for Libya “warns all citizens to avoid travel to Libya and depart the country immediately if residing or visiting there.”

I realize you are Canadian, which may provide you with a bit more security, but it would be a shame to be mistaken for an American by a local terrorist group. As for Egypt, the November 17 attack in Luxor, where a number of tourists were trapped inside a famous historical site and murdered, should be a strong enough indicator that tourists should stay away until things calm
down a bit.

Tunisia, however, may be a possibility. The International Bicycle Fund, a company well-known for its off-beat selection of locales and interaction with local people, offers a two-week “people-to-people, bicycle/train tour.”

During the tour you’ll meet rural villagers, skilled craftsmen, educators, and officials, and learn about the day-to-day life and changing roles of women.

Led by David Mozer, an African-studies specialist who has been bicycle touring in Africa since 1975, the trip begins March 30 or April 14 and costs $1,090 to $1,190. For more information, call the International Bicycle Fund at 206-767-0848.

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