Going Places: Thrill-seekers take the plunge


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Thrill-seekers take the plunge with bungy-jumping

Getting there

Zoom in

The Bungy Zone is located an hour north of Victoria, British Columbia, on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The best way to get to Nanaimo is by B.C. Ferry from Tsawwassen, just outside of Vancouver. Alternatively, a jump can be done as a day trip from Victoria, which can be reached by boat from Vancouver, Seattle, or the northwestern Washington port town of


The cost for a bungy jump is $95 (Cdn.) plus tax. Successive jumps are cheaper, until after five jumps you become a member of the Bungy Club, in which jumps are always just $25 (Cdn.).

The jump

The jumping bridge at the Bungy Zone rises 140 feet above the Nanaimo River. After signing a waiver (well, what did you expect before jumping off a bridge?) and hopping on a scale, an attendant will write your weight on your hand for the bridge attendants and remind you to empty your pockets. You’ll then climb the steps to the top of the bridge (those who just want to watch
are welcome, too), where the bungy boys await with their carabiners, climbing rope, and “just do it” attitude. Try not to be frightened by the fact that they look 12 years old. They know what they’re doing, and it does feel safe.

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