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The Trip-Finder, January 1999
Traversing the Karakoram

Outfitter Price Accommodations
Concordia Expeditions
719-395-9191, www.concordia
$3,900 camping, tourist hotels
KE Adventure Travel
800-497-9675, www.keadven
$3,995 camping, tourist hotels

The Route: A five-week, 180-mile trek from the Hushe Valley to the Hunza via 18,318-foot Gondogoro La, through Concordia, and on to K2 base camp. From there you’ll cross two rubble-strewn glaciers to reach Snow Lake and then descent to the Hunza’s rice paddies and popular groves.

When to go: July-August

Difficulty: Difficult

Travel advisory: If Gondogoro La is impassable, you’ll have to drive from Hushe to Askole and pick up the route at the Biafo Glacier, bypassing Concordia and K2 base camp entirely.

High/low points:

  • Catching your breath (and a bath) at Baintha camp, a grass-and-wildflower oasis in the rock-and-ice desert of the Biafo Valley.
  • Dodging rockfalls as you pick your way over Gondogoro La, where two porters were killed last year by an avalanche.