Wilderness hiking around Atlanta


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Wilderness hiking around Atlanta
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Wilderness hiking around Atlanta

By Amy Marr

Question: I’m looking for some good weekend hiking/camping locations near Atlanta, preferable with few crowds. Moderate to difficult hiking is a plus. I’m willing to travel far by car if it yields a good return. Thanks for your help.

Melissa Ihnat
Atlanta, Georgia

Adventure Adviser: No need to drive too far. Just 75 miles from Atlanta is F.D. Roosevelt State Park (706-663-4858) and a mighty nice hike. The 23-mile Pine Mountain Trail ambles along the contours of the namesake peak, Georgia’s southernmost mountain. From hickory-oak forests along the ridgetops, to moist coves of sweet gum, yellow
poplar and red maple, the trail is a beauty. Set up camp at one of the ten primitive backcountry sites—Bumblebee Ridge, near Slippery Rock Falls, is a good choice.

Crowds shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but if you’re heading out in spring or fall I suggest reserving one of the campsites. The park also has 17 housekeeping cottages ($60-$80/per night for a double) along the south shore of Delano Lake. Call 800-864-7275 for reservations at either the sites or cottages.

Since it’s a point-to-point trail, you’ll probably want to leave a car at the parking area on Georgia 85 in Warm Springs. Call F.D. Roosevelt State Park (706-663-4548) for directions and logistical advice.

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