Trip packing guide


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Andean Adventure

Trip packing guide
Left rear pannier, large compartment: clothes (long-sleeve Baja Plus, 2 long-sleeve button-downs, 1 pair underwear, down coat (doubles as pillow), camera, 2 place mats

Left rear pannier, small compartment: altimeter, compass, toilet bag with nail-clippers, contacts and solution, razor and blades, toothbrush, earplugs

Right rear pannier, large compartment: 2 lightweight Capilene shirts, medium-weight Capilene shirt, 8 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of shorts, cycling shorts, guide books, and maps

Right rear pannier, small compartment: batteries, film, 2 large water bottles

Left front pannier: peanut butter, jelly, pears, beans, spaghetti, toilet paper, fuel bottle, headlamp, rain pants, rain jacket

Right front pannier:: Teva sandals, stove kit, lock, duct tape, Tri-Flow lube, tent-repair tape, medical tape, hat

Rear rack: tent, parka, umbrella, ThermaRest, 3 bungee cords, large waterproof stuff sack (sleeping bag, large sweater, long underwear, T-shirt)

Handlebar bag: map, guide, camera, camera cloth, Snickers, headlight

Tool kit: needle-nose pliers, 6-inch crescent wrench, Allen wrenches, patch kit, tire irons, spoke wrench, screw driver, miscellaneous screws, 4 spare tubes, freewheel tool, stove repair kit

Worn: helmet, gloves, Hi-Tec shoes, Ex-Officio Convertible Pants, biking shorts, Capilene, rain coat. On bike: 2 large water bottles

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