Volunteering for the Eco-Challenge


Week of July 24-30, 1997
Hiking trails alongside Lake Erie
Vacationing in Glacier National Park
Volunteering for the Eco-Challenge
Modest cycling tours through Europe
Backpacking in the North Cascades

Volunteering for the Eco-Challenge
Question: How can my daughter, who is on holiday in Australia for the next six months, connect with the August Eco-Challenge to be a volunteer?

Tom Churchill
Milwaukee, WI

Non-competitors can follow the Eco-
Challenge route at an enjoyable pace

Adventure Adviser: Call or fax Craig McBride (phone, 011-61-70-41-3777; fax, 011-61-70-41-3370) in the Eco-Challenge’s Australian Production office. According to the U.S. office, however, there may not be much space left for volunteers, so your daughter had better act soon.

Volunteering aside, your daughter may be interested in doing her own private Eco-Challenge. The company has created a seven-day Action Adventure Vacation that allows regular Joes like you and me to closely follow in the footsteps of competitors — at a much more enjoyable pace. The vacation isn’t an exact replica of the Eco-Challenge course, but participants will get
that same rush of adrenaline as they raft wild rapids, explore lava tubes, roam the outback, swim through an ancient crater lake, and much, much more. The trip is offered from August through November and costs $3,275 (price includes airfare from the United States, which your daughter won’t need.) For more information call 800-571-1102.

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