Walk Like An Amphibian

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Winter Travel Guide 1996

Walk Like An Amphibian

Forget Tevas. Forget hiking boots. When you go trekking with locals on the muddier-than-a-landslide Kalalau Trail on Kauai, it’s more likely they’ll be wearing tabis, the reef walkers used by Japanese fishermen. “Tabis give you superior grip so you can feel the trail, feel the rock,” says Micco Godinez, owner of Kayak Kauai Outfitters, who’s been
living and hiking on the island for the past 18 years. “Tabis make you amphibious.” Not a bad thing when you’re near the wettest spot on earth, with an annual rainfall of about 500 inches. For your own pair of these ducklike booties with felt soles, elastic socks, and rubber toes ($23.95 per pair), stop by Kayak Kauai Outfitters in either Kapaa or Hanalei (800-437-3507).

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