Weather in the Yukon’s Kluane park


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Weather in the Yukon’s Kluane park

Weather in the Yukon’s Kluane park
Question: What are the average temperatures and other weather conditions for the Alsek River region of Alaska during August 24 to September 3?

Giovanna Sparagna
Washington, D.C.

Fall colors mean changeable temps at Kluane National Park

Adventure Adviser: Well, let me start by giving you the usual schpiel: “Temperature and weather vary from year to year, blah, blah, blah …” With that lameness out of the way, I can give you some ballpark, late-August highs and lows for the Alsek River/Kluane National Park region.

Some years can be scorching hot, with daytime temperatures topping 90 degrees. Or you may hit a bad week, when you’ll be lucky to see 65 degrees. While you’d be smart to prepare for nighttime readings as low as 40 degrees, it’s more likely that you’ll be sleeping in 50- to 55-degree range. What the park service can say for sure is that August is usually one of the driest
months. That means you probably won’t see day after day of rain, but you’ll want to bring the Gore-Tex just in case. And keep in mind that snowstorms at higher elevations are highly unusual, but definitely not unheard of.

For any other weather-related queries, call Kluane National Park headquarters at 403-634-2251. And for more background, take a look at my response to an earlier question about Kluane.

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