Writing Adventure Grant proposals


Week of October 16-22, 1997
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Writing Adventure Grant proposals
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Writing Adventure Grant proposals
Question: We are advisers to an outstanding group of teenagers called OWLS, short for Outdoor Wilderness Leaders. Could you please send us information on the Adventure Grants program? The focus of the two programs is very similar. I would love to see them put together a proposal, if for nothing else but the incredible leadership experience of
working together while dreaming.

Taylor Scott Cook
Westfield, MA

The 1997 Adventure Grant team members map out their expedition

Adventure Adviser: Memorize this e-mail: This is the address for John Alderman, director of the Adventure Grants program. As soon as you send him your address via e-mail, he’ll send you a packet of information that will explain in detail the necessary hoops you need to jump through to write your proposal and be
considered for the 1998 trip. Though the 1998 proposal due date hasn’t been set in stone, you’ll want to shoot for mid-February to turn in your proposal.

As I’m sure you’re aware, last year’s Adventure Grant team did an expedition to Mount Sir Sandford in British Columbia. They set off on July 12 and began to kayak, bushwhack, and climb their way to the top of the 11,590-foot glaciated peak deep in the Selkirk

Though they executed the expedition largely on their own, instructors from the National Outdoor Leadership School accompanied them to ensure a safe trip. In addition to the trip, the team also searched for endangered woodland caribou, in hopes of documenting their sightings in an attempt to help save the animal from extinction.

The 1997 team was chosen because their proposal was a good mixture of the potential for exploration, conservation, and adventure. You can also check out the “Home to Headwaters” original proposal. Good luck!

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