The Trip-Finder, January 1998

Going on Safari in Kafue National Park

Outfitters Departures Price Accommodations
The Africa Adventure Company
800-882-9453, 954-491-8877
On demand $1,750 camping
Explore Inc.
888-596-6377, 505-820-2470
On demand $2,500 camping

The Route: A classic African safari: five days of traveling by foot or four-wheel drive through one of Africa’s largest and least populated national parks, observing hippos, lions, and yellow-backed duikers.

When to go: July to September

Difficulty: Easy

Travel advisory: Zambia’s national park system does not require that vehicles stay on the roads. Your driver may choose to take a bone-jarring “shortcut” through dense grasslands that grow twice as high as the car.

High/low points:

  • Being in the only safari caravan you’ll see the entire week.
  • Realizing that both elephants and rhinos have been completely poached out of Kafue.

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