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First Look: ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

Join us as we chat with Morris Shawn about the ZOLEO's satellite messaging technology



In this episode of First Look, our Editor-in-Chief, Kristin Hostetter, sits down with Morris Shawn, president of Zoleo, Inc. to discuss the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator.

Some topics we cover:

  • Are you a “frequent fringer?”
  • Why the Zoleo stands out from other satellite messengers
  • The unique satellite-to-wifi-to-cell capability and how it ensures that your conversations have continuity
  • How the Zoleo will keep nervous mothers and spouses happy
  • Dark Skies weather data integration that we all need in the mountains
Annotated image of Zoleo Satellite Communicator. Image text reads: Dedicated ZOLEO SMS number and email to share with contacts. Check in button.…
The ZOLEO satellite communicator device keeps users connected and secure when venturing beyond cell coverage.
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