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Primaloft Steps into the Spotlight with Its First Consumer-Focused Campaign

The ingredient brand—which “people feel but usually don’t see,” in the words of CEO Mike Joyce—is now talking directly to those who buy the products its technologies enhance

Eric Smith

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Ingredient brands are essential to the outdoor apparel and gear that keep us warm and dry, but the names of these technology companies are often relegated to a hang tag or a small label sewn inside the product. With maybe one exception in the outdoor industry, these brands aren’t much in the spotlight.

PrimaLoft Inc. is looking to change that by stepping out of the shadows and in front of consumers.

The Latham, New York based company has launched its first consumer-orientated brand campaign: “Seek the Unseen.” At the heart of the campaign is a video that highlights the important things in life that often go unnoticed—much like PrimaLoft itself.

“PrimaLoft is a hidden product that people feel, but usually don’t see,” said Mike Joyce, president and CEO of PrimaLoft. “And while we may be hidden from sight, we have a direct effect on the consumer experience. As an advanced material science company, we are developing ‘unseen’ technologies that have an impact on the performance of garments, as well as on the environment. PrimaLoft works with over 900 global brands, with millions of people enjoying the comfort and lightweight warmth of PrimaLoft products. But many don’t even realize we’re the brand behind those benefits. With our first consumer-focused campaign, we want to educate people about PrimaLoft and our vision to unleash the full potential of people, product, and the planet, in harmony.”

PrimaLoft has targeted paid media on Instagram and Facebook for the global campaign, including collaborations with influencers. The goal is to drive traffic to the brand’s “refreshed” website. There, PrimaLoft’s leadership hopes consumers will learn more about why the brand’s products are so critical to the quality of their apparel and gear.

And perhaps they’ll begin asking for PrimaLoft and seeking its inclusion when they’re on the hunt for a new jacket or baselayer.

“In a time where every moment of life is broadcast, there is something intriguing and almost magical about unseen moments,” said Shana Getchell, vice president, global brand building. “The moments that bring the spark of inspiration in your day, the moments of comfort you try to find for yourself, the way you try to responsibly care for the earth. ‘Seek the Unseen’ is about paying attention to these moments and knowing that PrimaLoft can help make them happen. We want to invite people to look for PrimaLoft in their apparel and bedding and to seek us out in the future.”

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