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Live interview: Why representation matters in adventure travel and how brands can do better

Host Denisha Jenkins kicks off the second season of Her Voice talking with Monet Hambrick, a traveler, author, and a founding member of the Black Travel Alliance

Monet Hambrick of The Traveling Child journeys around the world for a living with her children. In 2019, she authored The Traveling Child Goes to Rio de Janeiro, a children’s book that teaches culture through the eyes of two traveling sisters. And earlier this year, she became a founding member of the Black Travel Alliance, an organization that aims to provide training and support to members while holding travel businesses accountable for diversity in travel marketing and storytelling.

In the premier episode of season 2, host Denisha Jenkins chats with Hambrick about adventuring with kids and why representation matters. Some highlights:

  • The Hambricks’ motto “If kids live there, kids can visit”
  • Go-to safety tactics abroad
  • How the Black Travel Alliance came to be and what she hopes to see happen in the travel space
  • What brands can do to improve representation and support Black folx who adventure

About the series

Beginning in 2019, Outside Business Journal and LifeStraw partnered to share the stories and experiences of womxn in the outdoors, so we can work toward a more equitable future for the industry. We’d like to welcome you to the second season of Her Voice. Episodes will be dropping monthly as our host, Denisha Jenkins, chats with a variety of womxn.

Want to nominate someone to be featured? Email lbarrett@pocketoutdoormedia.com and let us know who you think we should talk to and how their story could benefit the industry.

Our host

Denisha Jenkins smiles at the camera while the sun sets in the background over mountains.
Denisha “Neena” Jenkins, an avid traveler, educator and entrepreneur, is an Equity and Inclusion Consultant based in Austin, Texas. With over 13+ years of experience, she specializes in intercultural competence, community engagement and leadership development.

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