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On this episode of Her Voice, host Denisha Jenkins talks to Camber Chief Programs Officer Renita Smith on cultivating diverse talent

Polartec announced today that it has eliminated PFAS—some of the most harmful chemicals used in gear production—across its line of products

When ethnically and racially diverse leaders thought to write outdoor equity into the law, Senator Heinrich didn’t hesitate to get behind them

CJ Goulding focuses on building “constellations, not stars”

Caregiving takes on many meanings when you carry your best friend on your back just so he can have access beyond where a wheelchair could take him

Behind drag queen activist Pattie Gonia, there are three three strong, compassionate women doing the day-to-day work

As the ever behind-the-scenes ally to Teresa Baker, Chris Perkins has used his privilege for the growth of The Outdoor CEO Diversity Pledge

Alterra Mountain Co., Boyne Resorts, POWDR, and Vail Resorts this week announced the Climate Collaborative Charter, a unified effort to promote ski-resort sustainability

Motivated by nostalgia and a desire to pass down institutional knowledge, archivists play a significant role in the evolution of the outdoor industry by chronicling its past

Plastic Impact Alliance member spotlight: NEMO will eliminate 100,000 polybags in two years—a roadmap for the rest of the industry

Michel Gelobter, founder of Cooler, is one of the country's leading experts on carbon neutrality. In this podcast we learn why planting trees is not enough, how carbon removal trumps offsetting, and how brands can do better by doing good

The Seattle brand has created a technical layering system with inclusive sizing thanks to a group of outdoor athletes who struggled to find outdoor clothing that fit

Canadian outdoor apparel and equipment brand Arc'teryx has launched ReBird, which connects customers to used gear, upcycled products, and care and repair services

Chad Brown has experienced racism in the outdoors countless times, but after being shot at while fishing in Oregon, he decided he had had enough. That's when he founded Love Is King, a nonprofit on a mission to make the outdoors safer for everyone.

A conversation about profitable carbon-footprint reduction.

The fishing apparel and footwear company is transitioning to a durable bag that can be home-composted

New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez declared her love of backpacking on Instagram this week—and shouted out some well-known advocacy groups working to make the outdoors more inclusive

Kim Ang, the new chief executive KAYA, has big plans for the future of the company

As outdoor companies work toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, advocates say the hunting and fishing sector needs to catch up

Gregory VP John Sears says the first-of-its-kind pack line—intended to spark a movement of gear inclusivity—is here to stay

Mountaineer Andrew Alexander King discusses how he challenges outdoor brands to do better when it comes to athlete ambassadorships

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Host Denisha Jenkins talks to Sam Ortiz of Climb Big about accessibility in climbing on this episode of Her Voice

The founder of the Swedish tent brand Hilleberg spoke with Outside Business Journal about the company’s longevity, family culture, and decades-long loyalty to a single product category

Here are a few easy ideas for getting involved this year

When Breanne Acio and her wife fell in love with the camper van life, they immediately ran into barriers: loneliness and a lack of practical resources

The owner and managing partner of LEKI passed away on April 17 after battling an undisclosed illness

Faced with a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease, New York resident Dan Schoenthal decided to complete a lifelong goal and hike the Appalachian Trail

A few inconvenient truths about the current state of the climate crisis

Backcountry's inaugural class of Breaking Trail athletes is focused on increasing diversity in the outdoors

The North American CEO of the Italian footwear brand discusses how his company is taking its sustainability efforts to the next level

The former global GM of The North Face’s Mountain Sports division has partnered with Stanford scientists on a fabric technology that’s designed to revolutionize outdoor apparel and more

Marinel de Jesus of Brown Gal Trekker discusses how the outdoor industry has an obligation to take a stance against Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) hate

Turning plastic water bottles into fiber is one thing. But what happens when that fiber wears out?

After making steps to use more recycled materials in its manufacturing and lower company-wide carbon emissions, Rab is getting ready to roll out its first sustainability report

Behind the scenes, 16 state outdoor recreation offices across the country are working hard to fulfill their promises and build a stronger outdoor economy

A limited budget doesn’t have to get in the way of successfully marketing your outdoor business

Our parent company has laid out its DEI goals for the year in a detailed annual report

The president of Oboz discusses the growing demand for outdoor footwear, the company’s imminent DTC channel, and what else is on tap for the Bozeman-based brand

Stephanie Maez, the managing director of Outdoor Foundation, shares her incredible, personal story about the healing power of nature and how it led her to her mission-driven work getting kids outside.

Two media insiders debate whether paid articles pay off

Stephanie Maez, managing director of Outdoor Foundation knows first-hand how nature heals. After her teenage son was wrongfully accused of murder and sent to jail, she sought comfort and healing in the outdoors.

Thousands of industry reps might be better off if they did

A few months into Seung’s tenure as the brand’s North America GM, the pandemic hit and plans changed. But she didn’t let that hurdle—or myriad others—derail her ambitious goals.

The Senate voted 50-41 to elect Haaland, who will become the first Native American installed as a Cabinet secretary

To become more sustainable, the outdoor industry should make less gear. But can brands battle their own bloat?

From fabrics and materials to packaging, Plastic Impact Alliance member Big Agnes continues to push itself on the sustainability front

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On this episode of Her Voice, host Denisha Jenkins talks to author, speaker, and adventurer Kara Richardson Whitely about being plus size in the outdoors

You probably don't know how much your colleagues make. Here's why you should.

Want a healthier business? Take a cue from Cotopaxi and Title Nine: Elevate more women.

A handful of smaller snowsports brands lead the industry in greener production practices. Can everyone else catch up?

Raquel Vélez turned a series of demeaning experiences in outdoor retail shops into Alpine Parrot, a brand committed to creating outdoor apparel for plus-size women

Hard truth: The industry is behind the curve on racial justice. Here's why black squares and wishy-washy statements aren't enough—and what real progress looks like.

Gear-lending libraries are gaining steam as an alternative to short-lived, cut-rate products, which are often the only option for those with limited resources.

Five outdoor enthusiasts joined Pocket Outdoor Media and Outdoor Industry Association for a candid conversation about if and when it's okay to use the N-word

How climate emissions programs from OIA and SIA might dilute—or amplify— each other’s goals

As you read this, your life savings is funding things that probably repulse you. You’re paying to raze the Amazon, lay pipe across Arctic tundra, and manufacture the cigarette butts that line the bellies of fish. You didn’t make those decisions. But your bank did.

Thirty-two percent of our survey respondents have nixed plastic polybags

Earl B. Hunter, Jr. wants to make Black folks feel safe outdoors—and level the economic playing field in the process

This week, we caught up with Cameron Walker, general manager of Icebreaker North America, to learn more about the VF-owned brand’s environmental campaign to completely remove synthetics from its collection

George Basch's Himalayan Stove Project is shutting down. Over the last decade, the initiative delivered thousands of safe and environmentally friendly cooking stoves to families in Nepal.

A history-making gear shop is in dire trouble. Let's rally together to save it.

In his first interview since taking the helm as CEO, Ryan Gellert talks to OBJ about the future of Patagonia which, among other things, includes "making less product"

Meet the founder of Black Folks Camp Too, a marketing and consulting firm dedicated to introducing more Black people to the joys of camping and engaging outdoor brands to welcome them

This Baltimore, Maryland-based business offers mittens for runners who don’t take winters off

Combatting racism and practicing allyship in the outdoor industry requires tangible action. Here's how to get started.

Maro LaBlance, founder of the California-based content agency Campfire Collective, has put a new spin on pandemic video content

This specialized job board, launched last June, makes it easier for businesses in the industry to find and hire diverse talent

A friend, colleague, and industry role model needs our help

Robin Thurston outlines Pocket Outdoor Media's goals and commitments regarding inclusion and sustainability

Four lessons everyone in the office can benefit from

The choice signals a major step forward for Native American representation in government

REI has updated its Product Impact Standards, setting new climate and inclusion expectations for its 1,000+ vendors

The company's new "Buy Less, Demand More" campaign prompts customers to consider secondhand alternatives to new gear

The reusable packaging service RePack helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while building brand affinity