In what many hope is a new chapter for diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoor industry, four leading organizations unite with a public statement and commitment to do better

Everyone knows Amazon—or thinks they do. But most shoppers and even retailers misunderstand how this gargantuan marketplace really works. We deconstruct 8 common fallacies.

As costs increase, brands must weigh tough productions choices

Do you have a noble sense of Leave No Trace? Or is that your racial bias talking? One outdoor enthusiast re-examines her position.

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Legal expertise and a passion for the outdoors make the lawyers at Perkins Coie uniquely positioned to help your brand navigate a fast-changing business environment

As the CEO of MPOWERD, Seungah Jeong is showing how making money and making an impact can go hand in hand

Here are some of the cool things PIA members are doing to make the world a better (read: less plasticky) place

The 57-year-old outdoor industry longtimer died on Jan. 1 after colliding with a tree while skiing at Eldora Mountain

Our oceans are filling up with plastic and everyone is scrambling to build more sustainable businesses. So why do we still rely so heavily on polybags for distributing our products? Let’s unpack the history, the challenges, and the possible solutions to eradicating them. Or at least recycling them.

The father of snowboarding paved the way for the sport's growth, and advocated for the sport's access in resorts and for women in the outdoors

Plus, total tariffs paid by American outdoor businesses on imports from China exceeded $1 billion for the first time ever in one month

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Offering childcare for your employees increases morale – and the bottom line

The company discovered a way to cure insulation without thermal ovens, the widely-used method

Gert Boyle was One Tough Mother who inspired everyone who knew her

Outdoor brands are taking a harder look at inclusivity, but are they factoring age into the equation?

It’s not rocket science: If brands hope to sell to women, they should sponsor female pros

How one magical camping trip turned into the world’s largest private land donation and the massive, spectacular Patagonia National Park

Think your brand is "eco-friendly"? Put it to the test.

So simple. Such a no-brainer. So important.

Outdoor & Action Sport participants are more diverse than ever—but the creative engines that drive the industry are still dominated by men

The school is preserving the outdoor industry's history for decades to come

The policy comes after a 45-day cleanup expedition removed 24,200 pounds of garbage from the famous mountain

Co-owner Dana Gleason shares about the brand's official commitment to climbers

Will DuPont's modern, more sustainable alternative dethrone spandex?

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A recent study from Stanford University proves what women entrepreneurs in the outdoor industry have suspected for years: Gender bias is destroying our bottom line

From behind the windshield, the future can look pretty grim. But independent sales reps are fighting to stay relevant.

The man behind the thriving online outdoor retailer lived a life as adventurous as his customers combined

REI and Vista brands kiss and make up, but what are the ripple effects of businesses balancing the books and morals?

Our industry is changing—and you don't have to look much further than these four

Can you really make a living in outdoor retail?

Pressure, hard labor, poop: the truth about the gigs you fantasize about

Why women make less than men—and what we all can do to fix it

The Voice's exclusive outdoor industry salary survey reveals who makes what-and a whole lot more. How do you stack up?

A disturbing look at the outdoor industry’s dark side

On the way toward a more diverse outdoor community, mistakes will be made. But one 30-year veteran of the industry sees progress where others see only problems.

Osprey shakes up hardgoods with a new sustainability battle plan

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A new column examining gender bias and its impact within the outdoor industry

The outdoor industry is mourning the loss of the athlete and PR professional who emitted coolness and compassion in every situation

The DEI activist writes how we all play a role in bettering the outdoor industry, following mistakes made by the Boulder-based organization

The state became the 13th to establish a government-level office charged with promoting outdoor recreation and business

The company's Gearheads talk to millions of customers every year, so they decided to do something with their feedback—make their own gear

A seven-part research series analyzed outdoor consumers from a psychological standpoint

New Mexico establishes an outdoor recreation division and equity fund for diversity outdoors

Plus, nominate someone you know to add to the growing list of lady-led businesses

These four people are leading us into the future

There are more outdoor influencer opportunities than ever—particularly for underrepresented populations. But getting paid for that work is another story

With sophisticated Asian factories and Amazon, it’s easier than ever to launch a low-cost gear brand. Are companies that prioritize price over innovation a boon to the outdoor industry—or a threat?

What can the outdoor industry do to better engage communities of color?

As skiers and snowboarders travel more to distant mountains, the gear rental market is booming to keep up

The Pledge, announced to a packed house at Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, was intended to bring the industry together, but ignited a wave of skepticism and criticism instead

Our community is not immune to the #MeToo movement

How Blizzard Tecnica’s Women 2 Women initiative is paving the way toward equity for female ski consumers, designers, and retailers across the globe

The outdoor industry icon dreamt big, worked hard, and had fun doing it

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When a Brit named Nick cooked up an environmentally-friendly wax for his boots, he had no idea he was building a company that would help legions of hikers stay dry and become a leader in sustainability

The skiwear veteran nurtured Marmot in the '90s when it was at risk of going under

The Canadian outdoor co-op's CEO wrote a letter about the lack of diverse representation in their advertising and his promise to do better

The brand has significant stakes in Montana and Nevada—too many to stay silent

Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day—a day that precedes over Columbus Day

We guarantee our free, fun, interactive online class will result in more footwear sales for your store.

The Buena Vista store co-founded a festival for outdoor enthusiasts, and caters to locals and tourists alike

The Native American advocate is passionate about bridging the gap between native people and the outdoor industry

The ultrarunner, writer, and Merrell ambassador teaches us to love our bodies and overcome negativity

Big Agnes employees are testing 18 products and advocating for access to public lands while hiking 740 miles of the Continental Divide Trail

The champion of the outdoor industry in Colorado weighs in on recreation's influence, Outdoor Retailer's impact, and his plans post governorship

The outdoor industry was once seen as sleeping giant in the fight for public lands, according to author Timothy Egan. Not anymore.

The industry has made strides in recent years, but there’s much work still to be done

The Farm to Feet Global Ambassador, author, and endurance hiker dishes on designing her own sock, her best endurance tip, and her next big project.

‘Confluence’ gathering works toward debut of national platform to strengthen and align state-level efforts

Founder of the advocacy organization African American Nature and Parks Experience, Teresa Baker, is asking outdoor industry CEOs to sign her Diversity Pledge

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What if your rain jacket could retain its DWR infinitely without the use of PFCs, chemicals, or water? Could this be the panacea the outdoor industry has been looking for?

African-American women will steer black spending power to $1.5 trillion by 2021. Here are six ways that the outdoor industry can invite more millennial women of color into outdoor adventure.

Collaboration is key as brands and organizations think outside the box for more creative and sustainable packaging options for its products

Find out how your state stacks up

One thing seems clear. Hikers and hunters are in this together.

New women-specific stores, the "Move Mountains" campaign, Girl Scouts badges, and more

Utah State and other colleges offer students the chance to get a step ahead in the outdoor industry

Patagonia's Christie Fong divulges why the outdoors is such a major part of her life

These companies keep women front and center, whether their leaders are making comfy clothes for the trail or empowering the next generation of girls

A true pioneer in the outdoor industry, Ann Krcik leaves behind a legacy of community-building, mentorship, advocacy, and conservation.

The pro snowboarder, gear-maker, and climate activist talks about his latest "love story," the power of social media, and how he's gearing up to fight Trump in 2020.