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Sam Ortiz is making climbing more body inclusive

Host Denisha Jenkins talks to Sam Ortiz of Climb Big about accessibility in climbing on this episode of Her Voice

Sam Ortiz

Sam Ortiz is a Latinx climber, mountaineer, and photographer who has a passion for sharing her skills. She started Climb Big to make climbing more accessible after struggling to find a place in the outdoors herself. She has worked with Megan Banker and Bennett Rahn to set up a community where plus size climbers can connect and climb together. Ortiz’s message? No matter your body size, you are worthy of taking up space in the outdoors.

In this episode, host Denisha Jenkins chats with her about the origins of the organization and how it’s changing lives. Some highlights:

  • The ways climbing is inaccessible to plus-size people due to gear, culture, and psychological safety
  • The origins of Climb Big and how fast it has grown due to need for this type of space
  • What they are doing to reduce barriers that make the sport more accessible
  • Why representation is important in showing people what is possible

About the series

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Denisha “Neena” Jenkins, an avid traveler, educator and entrepreneur, is an Equity and Inclusion Consultant based in Austin, Texas. With over 13+ years of experience, she specializes in intercultural competence, community engagement and leadership development.

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