Ryan Gellert
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Straight Talk with Ryan Gellert of Patagonia

In his first interview since taking the helm as CEO, Ryan Gellert talks to OBJ about the future of Patagonia which, among other things, includes "making less product"

Ryan Gellert

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In this edition of Straight Talk, Editorial Director Kristin Hostetter sits down for a candid Zoom conversation with Ryan Gellert, the new CEO of Patagonia. It’s his first U.S. interview since taking the helm.

Key takeaways include:

  • Patagonia’s search for a greener banking partner
  • Gellert’s belief that the company needs to make less product
  • Hints at new revenue streams for Patagonia
  • Gellert’s short- and long-term goals for the company
  • Gellert’s take on how Patagonia needs to lean into racial justice

Listen to the full conversation on this episode of the Straight Talk Podcast.

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