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Everyone is talking about equality for women right now. But these five publications, podcasts, and blogs are doing more than chit chat — they're listening and propelling those conversations.

These companies keep women front and center, whether their leaders are making comfy clothes for the trail or empowering the next generation of girls

The Denver Merchandise Mart is a quirky venue that's the perfect place for reps to attract buyers to spend time with their entire lines in a cool, creative atmosphere

This Tucson shop invests time, dollars, and space into the brands and employees keeping it running

Gun control debate prompts REI to hold orders, MEC to sever ties with Vista Outdoor.

A true pioneer in the outdoor industry, Ann Krcik leaves behind a legacy of community-building, mentorship, advocacy, and conservation.

Eleven years into his career, he says, "Our community is more diverse than ever before. The conversation now is no longer about adding a dash of color to the trade show aisles, but changing leadership structures within organizations."

Christine Iksic and Chris Kaminski's Pittsburgh specialty outdoor shop will open its doors officially for the first time this spring. But it's not exactly their first rodeo. They've been outfitting outdoorspeople in the 'Burgh for several years in unconventional ways.

The pro snowboarder, gear-maker, and climate activist talks about his latest "love story," the power of social media, and how he's gearing up to fight Trump in 2020.

The recipients of the Outdoor Inspiration Award for Lifetime Achievement, the pioneering couple has pushed Burton, snowboarding, and our entire industry to higher heights.

Startups fueled by passion keep the outdoor industry moving forward. Meet a few launched by industry vets, core users, and garage inventors.

We’re just a month into 2018, but Chris Goddard, founder of CGPR and 25-year industry veteran, has already logged more than 12,000 air miles in 2018, walked 46 miles of trade show aisles, and consumed 38 cappuccinos while hop-scotching from Shot Show to Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show to ISPO. (And, yes, untold glasses of Merlot were involved, too)

The pioneering filmmaker, Warren Miller, passes away at 93

The legendary ski filmmaker and trailblazer died at 93

Forget cash and credit cards. This outdoor retailer accepts cryptocurrency in exchange for guided fly fishing trips and a special line of SUPs.

Specialty retail isn’t the Hunger Games: Everyone benefits when retailers stop viewing each other as the enemy and start working together

The polar explorer also shares his go-to meal in frigid weather

Simply sell gear, and equip customers for a day. Build a community around your shopping experience, though, and you’ll equip them for a lifetime.

Whether you need a new tent, a solar-powered radio, a stun gun, or even a tattoo, this quirky Florida outdoor retailer has you covered

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After conquering the hardest adventure challenge on earth, Nungshi and Tashi Malik set their sights on an even greater conquest: teaching other young Indian women to break free of gender stereotypes and achieve their wildest dreams

Try to be all things to all people, and end up pleasing none. The opportunity for both retailers and vendors lies in careful curation instead.

This uber-sustainable, pet-friendly, and musically-inclined retail shop is perennially on the leading edge of specialty outdoor retail

It will sell through remaining inventory and asks fans to support some of its favorite causes

From making movies to giving conservation grants, learn how this specialty outdoor retailer has evolved into so much more than a gear shop

Official Outdoor Recreation Industry Offices are blooming across the U.S. How can you—and your state—become part of the movement?

As online shoppers demand ever-swifter delivery options, vendors and retailers must work together to compete with the likes of Amazon. When they do, the “last-mile” distribution problem disappears for brands while local stores land the sale.

The young owner of this brand new outdoor shop has specialty retail in his blood

Successful online-to-offline referrals depend on accurate dealer listings. Stop giving online customers the wrong information.

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Polar explorer Vincent Colliard represents a new breed of sponsored athlete: Instead of just notching rad exploits, he’s inspiring environmental give-back on a global scale

A host of unique charitable events and services make this 3-location shop a pillar of the Maine community

On the road to becoming a $1 billion brand

Located in a remote town with only 850 year-round residents, The Mountaineer reveals how it has stayed in business for more than 40 years

Brendan Madigan took a chance when his first hire at Alpenglow Sports was a 21-year-old college kid who was a regular customer. And it paid off.

This family-owned, family-operated business has one mission: Get everyone outdoors. Even glampers.

Perhaps less widely known than her partner, Hayden Kennedy, Inge Perkins was a climbing force in her own right

Often called the “Boulder of the plains,” this Kansas college town boasts a community equally psyched about the outdoors

Frugal Backpacker is helping adventurers spend less and play more

Two and a half years after opening his unique, B-Corp certified mountain town shop, Travis Underwood, owner of Chopwood Mercantile, is considering getting out. With his big ideas on how to move the bar for specialty retail, was he too far ahead of his time? Here, he offers lessons learned and some ideas on how to revitalize retail.

Jessica Klodnicki, general manager of CamelBak, explains why ending bottled water bans at some national parks is reckless

Four-legged “employees,” a trail town vibe, and an obsession with maps are some of the things that make this store unique

Smith discusses why Cotopaxi is so focused on poverty reduction, why the brand still uses Kickstarter, and where he wants Cotopaxi to be in 10 years

Is it possible to get a better customer experience on a website than in a shop? says yes.

Technology is front and center for Terry Lee’s Amazon-focused retailer

Todd Frank, owner of The Trail Head in Missoula, Montana, breaks down his rough ride with Ibex and cautions other vendors to be careful courting direct customers

Gareth Martins, a board member of the Alaska Wilderness League, explains why the Refuge is in danger

At the gates of Yellowstone, this retailer has learned to embrace the non-local traveler, alongside the hometown expert

One lousy fit for Phil Oren turned into a revolutionary way of fitting shoes for all hardcore hikers

OUT There Adventures founder Elyse Rylander has been working hard to bring more visibility to the queer community. Here are her suggestions to make your business more inclusive.

Dave Polivy is using big-brand marketing to boost his small shop and get around an Amazon-induced downturn

U.S. Congressmen Jared Polis and Mike Simpson crossed party lines to start the House Outdoor Recreation Caucus. Here's why.

Could personalized products change global manufacturing? Salomon says yes.

The biggest name at OR talks advocacy, heroes, and how to get the rest of the world fired up

Brendan Madigan, owner of Alpenglow Sports in Tahoe City, California, has the community aspect of brick and mortar specialty retail all figured out. Want to see similar success with your events? Heed this wise advice.

After three days working the sales floor at Sunlight Sports, NEMO founder Cam Brensinger walks away with some insights on how brands can better support their retail partners, and grow their own business in the process.

Events, customer confidence, and beer foster a tight-knit community around this local retailer

NEMO founder Cam Brensinger spent three days working the sales floor at Sunlight Sports in Cody, Wyoming, to get back in touch with specialty outdoor retail. In this three-part series, Brensinger and Sunlight Sports owner, Wes Allen, will brainstorm on how specialty outdoor shops and brands can better collaborate and work together for the ultimate health of the outdoor industry.

Outdoor Retailer hasn't said a word yet, but the Denver Post has confirmed the show will be moving to Colorado

This summer marks Outdoor Retailer’s 35 birthday. To celebrate, we unearthed 15 fun facts you probably never knew about our industry’s biggest show.

Boutique Hors Circuits, in Saguenay, Quebec, Canada, has doubled sales for its sister adventure company since it opened two years ago

As consumer behavior changes, so do our marketing tactics. Journalist David Clucas and Rachel Kaylor, director of digital and social for Sweeney Marketing and Public Relations, share insights on current marketing trends in the outdoor world.

Local history, family history, and shop history mesh at Hometown Sports

Not everyone has been as passionate about protecting Bears Ears as the outdoor industry has. What's the resistance? We tried to understand the opposition.

The first combined show is expected to stage in Denver

What started out as a simple way to keep sleeping bags from rolling off pads has morphed into one of the biggest tent, bag, and pad sellers on the market

The newest member of Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, Maine Sports Outfitters is one part specialty retailer and one part guide service. It’s a winning combination.

Emerald Expositions, parent company of OR, is striking a deal to buy the SIA Snow Show. Members will vote on the deal Wednesday.

Brian Thompson, general manager of ExOfficio, explains why the outdoor industry needs to better sell the experience rather than the gear

We all know #vanlife has been a boon for many brands. Rachael Herrscher, CEO of Social Boost and founder of Today's Mama, explains how bloggers can help your business, too.

Want to accelerate wool sock sales in your shop? Farm to Feet’s David Petri, VP of Marketing, has a few ideas to help.

Onion River, in Montpelier, Vermont, capitalized on a bad winter by selling fat bikes

If wool still conjures images of grandma’s itchy sweaters, you're missing the boat. These five facts will help you sell more wool.

How do you turn your customers into a family? In The Innovation Project's 17th episode, Rutabaga's owner Darren Bush talks about fostering his huge community of paddling die-hards.

Emerald Expositions started trading on the New York Stock Friday morning, with an opening price higher than expected

Calling Proof Lab Station a specialty outdoor shop is like calling Yosemite a place. It’s so much more than just that. Founder Will Hutchinson talks about the many reasons customers come into his store in Episode 16 of The Innovation Project.

OUT There Adventures founder Elyse Rylander says we need to get beyond the stereotypical men and women design ideals

College entrepreneurs turned ski moguls blend web and in-store sales to give customers the best of both worlds

In The Innovation Project Episode 15, Elevation Sierra Outdoors' Jon Turner highlights the necessity of good customer service, especially for smaller shops

Backcountry Experience’s deep commitment to hardgoods and custom fitting sets them apart in retail-heavy Durango

To Backcountry North, customers are more than customers. Owner Tracy Mayer considers them family.