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The official announcement and more details to come next week

The second annual run of the invitational trade show is in the books

The hardgoods-only trade show in Park City, Utah, is back

The highly anticipated 550-acre expansion into Bergman Bowl was slated to add 16 new trails and a high-speed lift

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The new digital tool is built to help retailers manage all their assets, including workbooks, order forms, invoices, and more

The company is accused of not honoring its lifetime warranty on a brand of socks

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The new SHERPA collection from LEKI delivers the perfect pole for year-round adventure

A detailed look at Outside Inc.’s first foray into Web3 and how it might improve our digital health and overall wellbeing

The community of El Paso has mobilized widespread support for a new national monument designation in their backyard. It's time their voices were heard.

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Brands and retailers are clear: the stalwart B2B sales platform lives up to the hype

The Seattle Office of Labor Standards has accused Patagonia of violating a city law that requires employers to publish work schedules a minimum of two weeks in advance

The Tahoe City location joins Evo’s Salt Lake City and Whistler locations in its lineup of adventure hotels

Vehicle-supported adventuring—sometimes called "fauxverlanding" or "overlanding light"—is introducing a new cohort of consumers to the outdoors

The Seattle brand has become the first to release a full ski apparel kit—including shells, pants, bibs, base layers, gloves, and more—up to size 3X

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Why the show might be just what your business needs

The company has launched a new marketing campaign, “Same is Boring,” to showcase the Merrell Test Lab and cast the company in a more innovative light

The value shed from outdoor-focused securities, though painful, wasn't as great as the broader market's downturn last month

The motocross and mountain biking gear company is to become the 40th brand under the Vista Outdoor banner

Salt + Snow aims to help people—mothers specifically—find quality outdoor gear

A recent name change is part of the co-op’s strategy to increase its guided-tour business to 3 million customers annually

The plant-based dog treats are the first products released by the company’s Trailblazers Incubator

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Chatting with Rumpl about the value of trade shows and creating better retailer interactions

The nonprofit’s former CDO takes the helm to help bring diversity, equality, and inclusion into outdoor industry workspaces

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Take a closer look at the latest products from a select handful of the company’s iconic outdoor gear makers

Known for its stylish carry-on luggage, Away joins other brands seeking a slice of the growing outdoor market as travel trends continue to shift

The apparel manufacturer also joins a growing number of companies that have pledged to cover costs for employees who must now travel across state lines for abortion care

If successful, the California location would join REI Manhattan as the co-op’s only two unionized stores

And the apparel manufacturer joins a growing number of companies that have pledged to cover travel costs for employees who must go to a different state to seek abortion care

The best products hitting shelves in Spring/Summer '23, ranked by our team of staffers, gear testers, and retailers

Matador Travel Equipment is coming out of the pandemic stronger as its market shifts from travel to outdoor rec

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WH inc. has been connecting brands to the active explorer audience since 1969

After turning down large acquisition offers in the past, Clif has now signed a deal to sell to the owner of Oreo, Toblerone, and other international snack brands

These innovative and inspirational leaders are changing business in the outdoors for the better

The habits and attitudes of outdoor consumers are changing fast. Marketers across the industry are racing to keep up.

Gear shops are most powerful when they sit at the center of a strong community orbit. Here are a dozen proven strategies to grow your clan.

That's all, folks. Outdoor Retailer has packed it in. Here's what went down on day three.

Your daily roundup from the show floor of Outdoor Retailer—cool gear, education recaps, and more

Here's what the damage looked like

New gear, first-time exhibitors, and more from the show floor in Denver

The company’s Find Your Good initiative and NFT marketplace support nonprofits advocating for outdoor participation, inclusivity, and planet

A new order from Interior Secretary Deb Haaland reverses a Trump-era policy that prevented national parks from banning plastic bottles

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Non-alcoholic brew brand brings true craft taste to Oregon

The Connecticut-based portfolio company will pick up the synthetic insulation manufacturer for about $530 million

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How we got to where we are today

The deal, announced today, will make Five V Capital–a certified B Corporation based in Sydney—the company's majority shareholder

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Taking a closer look at the “collaboration” and “buy” steps when you’re at the table with your retailer

A former Eddie Bauer executive, Damian Huang, will serve as Cotopaxi's first president; at Grassroots, former VP Gabe Maier will step in to lead.

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The brand has rolled out a fresh new look and announced the next generation of grip technology on its trekking and trail running poles

If the social platform is a virtual public square, as Mark Zukerberg has proclaimed, it’s one that’s rife with hate, lies, weaponized disinformation, and—in the virtual metaverse—a starkly anti-outdoor worldview. Now that its value as an advertising partner has changed the calculus, it’s worth asking again: Is Facebook simply too toxic for business?

The market is still going crazy. Outdoor stocks are by no means immune—but there are some reasons for hope.

The parent company of CamelBak, Giro, and Camp Chef plans to separate its outdoor business from its ammunition division in 2023

One of the outdoor industry's most experienced leaders dishes about lessons he's learned over the years, how he defines success, and more

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Reliable inventory visibility is critical to success

A new report shows that some outdoor companies, like Patagonia and KEEN, are making strides to eliminate harmful chemicals from their products. But others are lagging far behind.

As the broader market notched modest gains, publicly traded outdoor companies continued to slide last month

Our parent company is launching a new NFT project, the Outerverse, to promote sustainability and get people outside

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VF Venture Foundry, a new venture studio owned by the parent company of The North Face, Smartwool, and Supreme, is seeking entrepreneurs passionate about mental health and active lifestyles

Snowsports Industries America is spearheading an effort to get outdoor gear to those in need

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Brands have an opportunity to forge deeper partnerships with their retailers and grow their wholesale channels

OR has announced its return to Salt Lake City in 2023, and we want your thoughts. Great call, big mistake, or too soon to tell?

The outdoor industry's largest trade show will leave Denver and relocate to its former home in Salt Lake City in 2023

The nonprofit's current co-CEOs are stepping down in April. The group is seeing a leader with a "forward-thinking strategy" to replace them

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Get acquainted with the future of retail buying

After five years leading the retailer buying group, Hill is handing over the reins

Snowsports Industries America has confirmed a deal to sell the consumer-focused winter sports show to Raccoon Events

The speed-record database for running, hiking, and endurance sports adds new capabilities to Outside’s portfolio of active-lifestyle brands

Three advocates break down why—and how—businesses must make justice a key part of their climate strategies

The connection between offensive names like "Squaw Valley" and the climate crisis runs deeper than many realize

The project collected, counted, and recycled almost 75,000 polybags in just three months from 11 outdoor storefronts. Extrapolated across the outdoor industry, the numbers are staggering. Will your company take action?

Want to build a more diverse workforce? Here's a guide for attracting applicants, ensuring candidates are assessed fairly, and other best practices.

How last summer's environmental disasters flipped me from despair into action

We've compiled the 50 best products of next season, ranked by more than 100 retailers, gear testers, and outdoor enthusiasts

Halting climate change requires companies to start slashing their carbon emissions now. Here's how to get on the path to a cooler future.

Businesses are uniquely positioned to help facilitate a mass shift to bicycling through employer-sponsored bike leasing initiatives and other incentive programs

Publicly traded outdoor companies saw their collective shares decline 5.9 percent in February

If the vote is certified, around 100 employees at REI's flagship store in Manhattan would be represented by the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union

The materials company Cocona Labs has convinced a Colorado district court to reopen two separate IP suits it has pursued since 2016

The lifetime membership now costs $30 instead of $20, but offers new benefits

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How to use digital workbooks and assortment experiences to support retailers