In the 10th episode of The Innovation Project, Alpenglow Sports owner Brendan Madigan explains the alternative motivations behind his community-focused retail shop

Because nothing’s better than a cold beer after a mountain bike ride.

Episode 8 of The Innovation Project: Sportago

Tom Barney shares 10 “aha” moments from his first week working the sales floor as part of The Retail Immersion Project

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Bridging the gap between brands and shops by embedding C-level executives onto the sales floor, The Retail Immersion Project kicks off with Tom Barney and Durango, Colorado-based Backcountry Experience

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In Episode 2 of The Innovation Project, we talk to Jimmy Funkhouser, founder and owner of Feral Mountain Co. in Denver, Colo.

In Episode 1 of The Innovation Project, we feature Mike Donohue, co-owner of Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington, Vermont

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