The filmmaker behind 'The Cove' is bringing his groundbreaking approach to...plankton?

The abrupt move stunned the outdoor industry and infuriated climbers, but it wasn't necessarily a bad choice.

The award-winning journalist's new documentary breaks the mold. The result? A poignant look at quitting war, conflict addiction, and what it means to be a man.

This Friday, Netflix releases Virunga, a documentary thriller about the fight to save the mountain gorillas of Congo’s Virunga National Park. We talked with warden Emmanuel de Merode on what it feels like to be shot while defending the most dangerous wilderness on earth.

It's still possible to be what you wanted to be when you were a kid.

Five business icons share how they flipped the switch on their careers—and how you can follow in their footsteps.

An eight-step plan for rebooting your career and finding a job that you love.

They've put in the time up in the air, and some of them tell others how to see the world for a living. We asked them: What's the one piece of travel advice everyone should know?

Crying babies, endless delays, and that one aggressive seat-kicker are almost inevitable travel companions. Doesn't mean you can't have a nice journey: savvy packing will keep you collected and calm. We can't promise the same for the new parents across the aisle.

We polled an all-star team of experts and adventurers to put together our new rules of travel—all the airfare tips and digital tricks that make getting out there easier than ever.

Yosemite Valley, the birthplace of rebel climber culture is supposed to be all cleaned up and mellowed out. But as a new film shows, the outlaw spirit is alive and well.

Two new books attempt to explain mankind’s strange attraction to the deep blue sea.

We caught up with Wallace J. Nichols to learn about his new book, which explores all the surprising ways water contributes to our happiness—and our success.

These credit cards were made for those of us with a serious case of wanderlust. With the right piece of plastic, those everyday charges could land you major air travel bonuses.

Activists have brought down five proposed dam projects on two Patagonian rivers. What does this mean for one of the world's wildest and most iconic regions?

The amazing, true-life adventures of Matthew Power

Is the Pebble Mine dead? Not quite.

Epic adventure narrative about the 1897 Yukon Gold Rush airs this week

Like many fools, Abe Streep spends a lot of time and too much money trying to feel the pull of fish. But he recently learned that you can have just as much fun on the water without hooks.

Billy Parish's quest to make renewable energy the way of the future

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