At these five parks, the food is the treasured resource.

Former pro racer Phil Gaimon shares his favorite spots for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and cookies

This is how you put pep in a hiker's step

Pack your bags and your cholesterol meds. You've got eating to do!

No one would blame you for planning your summer vacation around visits to these shops

Gluten-free? Vegan? Paleo? There's a snack for that.

From chilaquiles to French toast, even a coffee-shop-quality latte, here's how to rise and really shine in the backcountry kitchen

Hit the trail, drink some ale. What more do you want?

In other words, the season's most refreshing brews

A warmer, drier future is coming for our hops. Luckily, these folks have developed a nice little workaround, thanks to a gene-editing tool that could help create a hop-free beer.

Forget Tim Ferris. For peak productivity, just down a few cups of these extra-strength brews.

Ditch Waikiki to find the best food on Oahu

What happens when four pro athletes start a coffee company? They channel their athletic drive for greatness into producing the best coffee on the planet.

If you're not a fan of the dehydrated food from stores, here's how you can make your own.

'The Great Outdoors' cookbook proves that nomads don't have to live off energy bars and fast food

Combo taprooms and outdoor outfitters are opening around the country, and we are 100 percent for it

The pro athletes, parents, and founders of Picky Bars know where to find the best food and drinks in their town

Homemade plant-based meat innovations are getting billed as satisfying, even to dedicated meat lovers

If you've ever wondered why one sour costs $4 and another costs $12, read on. (Spoiler: One may be an impostor.)

It's nature's perfect post-workout meal, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Time to dust off that soup pot. These recipes—from veggie-centric to downright meaty—will have you feeling warm, full, and happy in no time.

Vermont was doing craft everything way before the rest of us, which makes Burlington—and the surrounding area—a gourmand's paradise

Seven food subscription services for those on a vegetarian, ketogenic, or paleo diet

How long will it last during the apocalypse? Can you use it as a weapon? We ask all the important questions.

Chefs are infusing more than just sweets into cannabis. High-end cannabis dining is coming to a ski town near you.

Fungi farmers are banking on their crops going big as mushrooms appear in everything from superdrinks to pest controls to miracle cures

Why yes, tidings of comfort and joy can come in bottle form

Give your friends something they can really sink their teeth into this holiday

How the ultrarunner chows down in his hometown

Forget long cafeteria lines. These pocket snacks are cheaper, tastier, and way better for making friends on a chairlift.

We asked local bartenders for their most famous recipes

It's easier than you think to make a campfire feast

You can do better than frozen meals

(And one for pumpkin lovers, too)

And a worthy investment for any caffeine addict who plays hard

We taste test the latest crop of prepackaged paleo treats

This October, conservationists and brewers are teaming up to help restore America's damaged forests

Your most pressing backcountry food safety questions, answered

Book a globe-trotting itinerary—developed by the geniuses behind the new Netflix documentary 'Barbecue'—in search of the tastiest grilled meats

Or in other words: Is it even beer after it crests a certain ABV? We asked the experts to find out.

A few tricks to have fresh-baked brownies, cakes, and cinnamon rolls in the backcountry

Most brewers use only a handful of commercial yeast strains. What a waste.

Activated charcoal makes for a novel drink, if not a magical health elixir

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