Some blame the weather, while others point the finger at the economic trends that are shaping Himalayan mountaineering

The 2023 death toll on Everest has already reached double digits—with multiple people still missing. And the climbing season isn’t over yet.

More than 100 climbers reached the top on Wednesday, May 17, but the day was not without tragedy

A guide from New Zealand says someone pilfered valuable supplies at Camp IV. Plus, hundreds of climbers are expected to push for the summit this week.

Guides in Base Camp say that Mother Nature will help determine whether climbers encounter dangerous congestion on the world’s tallest peak

Retired doctor Jonathan Sugarman of Seattle died at Camp II on Monday, May 1

A veteran climber is dead, another is missing, and multiple others are lucky to be alive after a tragic few days in the Himalayas

Climbing permits are up, expeditions are welcoming more women, and new technology is changing the timeline for getting to the top. These are some of the storylines we’re following during the 2023 season on Mount Everest.

The well-known climber was helping guide a group of skiers in Utah’s Wasatch mountains last month when a slide engulfed him in several feet of snow

A longtime Everest chronicler examines how much it actually costs to climb the world’s highest mountain in 2022—and where the money goes

Alan Arnette talks to Lukas Furtenbach about the COVID risk at Base Camp

The mountain saw its first fatalities of the season on Wednesday

The peak saw its first summits of the season last week, including several record-breaking climbs

A climber posted on social media that the situation at Base Camp is “a total shitstorm. I had no idea what I was flying into.”

In 2020, the coronavirus gave the tallest mountain on earth a rest. But climbers from all over are itching to go back.

After more than three decades of attempts, there has finally been a winter summit on the Savage Mountain

For now, despite COVID-19 concerns, the Nepalese side is still open for business

The country's Ministry of Tourism unveiled a series of proposals aimed at avoiding another disastrous, overcrowded year on the world's highest peak

A group of Indians claimed they reached the top of the peak, but they may not have made it past Camp III

The most crowded season of all time is now the fourth deadliest

When Wui Kin Chin collapsed high on the deadliest mountain in the world, he urgently needed a rescue. Instead, he sat alone at 24,000 feet for more than 40 hours.

It's the third death of the Everest climbing season

Eight deaths, three missing climbers, six mountains—and the real Everest summit push hasn’t even started

The Seven Summit Treks guide has reached the peak of the world's highest mountain for a 23rd time

Twenty percent of climbers on the world's highest peak this season are women

This year, governments and guiding companies are promising to do more to keep the mountain clean, but the question of what to do with the dead bodies is becoming more urgent

Three died and four were injured on Sunday when a plane veered off course

As climbers reach Base Camp, at the foot of the world's highest mountain, these are the stories we're keeping an eye on

The bodies of Daniele Nardi and Tom Ballard have been located after 14 days of searching

The mountain has gotten even further out of reach for everyone except the very wealthiest. Meanwhile, the guiding industry is rife with corruption.

After falling off a 100-foot cliff and surviving for 36 hours high on the mountain, Scottish climber Rick Allen was found alive.

First he broke his neck. Then he climbed the Seven Summits faster than anyone before.

Lam Babu Sherpa disappeared on the descent after he was left behind by teammates

The Nepalese government doesn't want guides to talk about it, but we've seen the photos.

Dozens of climbers were forced to turn back just shy of the summit after their oxygen regulators failed suddenly

After four previous attempts, the 70-year-old Chinese climber finally stood on the summit on Monday

The Sherpa community rallied around Matt Moniz and Willie Benegas after their illegal ski descent of Lhotse

Boyan Petrov was last seen near Camp 3 on Shishapangma nearly a week ago

Ngima Sherpa and Dendi Sherpa were hit by flying ice when a serac collapsed as they navigated the infamous route up Mount Everest. Theirs are the first major injuries of the season.

We're calling it: these athletes will dominate the headlines for the next two months

The world's highest peak will again be the focus of the climbing world

Mount Everest is increasingly defined by budget guiding companies—and more crowding than ever

The country’s high-altitude workers have traditionally worked for paying clients and western guides. But a new generation is pushing the boundaries.

In just six days in May, the British climber completed a trilogy that had never before been attempted: Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse—three of the world's highest mountains—in a single push.

Bolotov, who was attempting a new route on the Southwest Face, died Tuesday in an apparent fall. A veteran mountaineer pieces together what is known.

How fit do you really need to be to scale the highest peak in the world? An expert weighs in.

Famed explorer Alan Arnette gives us the inside scoop on what he wears to stay warm in the South Pole