How a couple of heirs to an American retail dynasty are putting Bentonville, Arkansas, on the fat-tire map

How Ray Maker, a man with no formal journalism training, built DC Rainmaker, with an audience of millions and the power to make or break your next running watch

Onetime U.S. Ski Team racer Lisa Ballard, 56, never abandoned her skis—or the idea of winning a world championship

The fleet 50-year-old runner took the pavement less traveled—directly to an unprecedented berth at the 2020 U.S. Olympic Trials

Take 66-year-old UCI Track Masters World Championships rider Gary Hoffman, who is almost as fast as he was at age 20—when he competed to race in the Olympics

During a life spent in dusty boots and blue jeans, Cindy Rosser has saddled, ridden, roped, shoveled, and seen it all. Writer Andrew Tilin asked her to recount some of her most powerful memories.

When he set a new record up Wyoming’s Devils Tower last month, Robert Kelman confirmed what experts say about aging and athletics: use it or lose it

Adventure paddler Aleksander Doba willed his 71-year-old body and 1,600-pound kayak through a 4,000-mile trans-Atlantic journey

What two longtime BFFs won't do to make more memories, courtesy of their Frankenstein bikes and Rebecca Rusch's epic, painful, 100-mile Idaho adventure ride

A driven, patient, and injured Vanessa O’Brien becomes the oldest woman—and first American one—to summit the Savage Mountain

The 65-year-old swimmer has set 355 world records. And she's still going.

Whatever you do, just don't tell these serious, old'ish cyclists that they're living in a retirement home

Pro cycling’s most famous ex- (and exiled) athlete will again take vigorous aim at the Tour de France—with a daily podcast and a blog on Outside

Last year, Kim Ciolli, a longtime fixture in Texas cycling, got busted for doping. Her case is evidence of the fact that maybe the anti-doping system for older athletes—and especially for women—is broken.

Though created with older athletes in mind, these items are essential for every athlete—regardless of age

The former pro has had two full knee replacements in the past decade. Neither slowed him down—and they don't have to slow you down, either.

Planners of cities both large and small are working overtime to build the parks, trails, and bike paths to help residents be more active than ever

LVL, from BSX Technologies, is a wearable for hydration tracking. It'll tell you how much to drink, and when.

Indoor rolling on a bike trainer used to be a heinous chore. Now there's an app that turns it into a video game—and puts you on a fast track to aerobic fitness.

The metrics from your last run or ride can be—and have been—used to save lives, make cities safer, and put people in handcuffs

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