The family of three watches gets even fancier navigation features, and the 5X Plus gets a pulse oximeter

The textile company launched its Power Fill last year with 80 percent recycled material. Now it’s gone 100 percent.

It's smaller and lighter than its predecessor but still ready to handle the toughest high-alpine conditions

Through a new program called North Face Renewed, customers can purchase used and refurbished gear online

Judy Gross started LightHeart Gear out of her house in 2006. Today, her shelters are favorites of thru-hikers across the country.

Our favorite ultralight filter gets a welcome upgrade

We got our hands on the first in-house gear from the Utah-based e-retailer.

From finding an open site to tracking the weather, these apps will up your camping game

The products mark the company’s first water cooler and a new addition to its Panga line

The shoe brand worked with a pair of Honolulu artists to incorporate home-grown indigo plants into its fabrics

Four class-action suits claim that the retail giant broke the law when it nixed its lifetime guarantee

Chacos and NRS teamed up on these special-edition sandals in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

The partnership between Brooks, HP, and Superfeet uses biomechanical analysis and 3-D foot scanning to create a pair of shoes built especially for you

The company behind the smart bike helmet just launched a watch. Here's our take.

The Boston tech company is now selling monthly access to its Strap 2.0 data-tracking device

The founder of the Boulder Running Company is opening a new store and merging it with his physical therapy business

The cooler giant is making its famous (and very, very heavy) Tundra more portable

Jackets are getting trimmer and thinner. Are the weight savings worth the money?

If you've ever dreamed of operating your own outdoor brand, here’s your chance.

Three years after the pioneering ultralight backpacking brand declared bankruptcy, it's relaunching under new ownership

The new collection is durable and ready to haul, with an emphasis on comfort and easy access

The handheld satellite communication device is significantly smaller than its predecessor but has almost the same functionality

The company made a name for itself making replacement lenses for other brands' frames. Now it's making its own shades.

The International Trade Commission passed a restriction on the import of products that infringe upon patents for Nite Ize's popular Steelie family of dashboard electronics mounts

With Yeti in the hot seat over a feud with the NRA, competitors are jumping at the chance to win over new customers by declaring their allegiance to the Second Amendment

The two-person pod is a departure from the brand's traditional aluminum design

The NRA claims that Yeti refuses to sell to its foundation. Yeti begs to differ.

This palm-sized satellite device enables you to send and receive messages (and call for rescue) right from your cellphone

This marks the brand's first attempt at an affordable, fitness-oriented wearable

Some cut down on waste. Some funnel proceeds to environmental organizations. Some are green literally and figuratively.

The retailer put forth new standards for environmental and social responsibility. How effective will they be?

Need to power an LED TV for 18 hours? There's a battery pack for that.

Brands got creative with their special-edition footwear for this year's race

Littlest Sidekick Outfitters will launch with a line of kid-specific base layers, which parents will be able to return for a discount toward the next size

Designed by Jenny Jurek, who crewed her husband, Scott, on his record-setting AT run in 2015, this fold-out gear "bag" is an organization freak's dream

The White House didn't include outdoor apparel or gear on its 58-page list of taxed Chinese imports, but that could change

The Expedition Press built an estimated five million sleeping pads over its 38-year life

The clothing company has, once again, come out against the Trump Administration for its handling of public lands

The new collection includes 11 items, five of which we put to the test this month

The brand cited "market conditions" as the reason it won't go ahead with its initial public offering

We've been using the new smartwatch for a week. Here's what we think.

What's so special about this limited special-edition P5X tri bike?

Last week, camouflage brand Realtree sued West, alleging he ripped off one of its patterns for his Yeezy apparel line. But an oak-leaf print is an oak-leaf print, right?

On Saturday, the pro ultrarunner skinned and skied a combined 61,200 feet in 24 hours, setting a record for the most vert in a single day

Companies making gear from aluminum and steel—everything from camp stoves to bike frames—will be hit hardest by the new tariffs, economists say

Altra founders Golden Harper and Brian Becksted will remain involved under the new ownership

The Versa, which debuted Tuesday, pairs heart-rate tracking with new health features and a sleek look—all for $199.

These planks have built-in sensors to track your ski dynamics and offer real-time coaching. Geeky or brilliant?

Flourfund purchased the recently shuttered wool-apparel brand and plans to revamp its direct-to-consumer sales

The special-edition pack is made of G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco fabric to celebrate the 65th birthday of Fjällräven's first jacket

Two new running shoes designed specifically with the ultrarunner in mind

The parent company owns outdoor brands like CamelBak and Giro, as well as Savage Arms, a manufacturer of AR-15-style semi-automatic rifles

The boards are custom-made and feature bog oak top sheets and bindings plated in 14-karat gold

Say one of your favorite hydration-pack brands has a parent company that also owns a semi-automatic rifle maker. Should you stop buying the gear? We asked three ethicists for their opinions.

The lightest in the Nano-Air line, this jacket finds its way into my pack every day

The iconic boating sandal gets an upgrade

If you own a Generation 3.0 Mammut avalanche airbag pack from 2016 to 2018, the deployment cable may have been installed incorrectly.

Customers now have one year to return a product—and must bring in a receipt

Ralph Lauren designed Team U.S.A.'s uniforms, but a pair of leather, tasseled gloves bear resemblance to those made by a small company from Colorado