When your backcountry partner was your romantic one, a breakup can totally alter your relationship to the outdoors—but don't let it

Avoiding the awkwardness of the poop zone and other early-relationship concerns

Close friendships can and should develop in intense situations—but you don’t need to stick around if they get toxic

Our favorite musher will be at the start line when the Last Great Race kicks off in Anchorage on March 2, 2019. In the first of a pre-race series of dispatches, she talks about the remote Alaskan lodge where she's training for the big event.

The social dynamics of swiping, ex-forgetting, and crush-Instagramming are harder to navigate than the backcountry

Here's how to gently tell your friends that you're good with ramen all week, thanks

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Our most skeptical tester on the products that changed her mind

Burly clothes can still be comfy

How to break it to your risk-averse family that you're trying the whole "quit your job and travel the world" thing

In a world of sexist social norms, how to be respectful of what you're into while being respectful of other people's choices

New versatile pieces for summer, fall, and winter

How to support a loved one who has witnessed something awful that changed their relationship to the outdoors

When it comes to picking the ideal outdoor buddies, it doesn't matter at all

Now is not the time to mourn the end of all-day playtime, especially if you're not the one giving birth

Clothes and tools for toiling at the ranch, on the trail, or in your backyard

Especially if you don't share the same interest and it involves lots of time, money, and travel

What to do when you start dating someone who isn't ready to join you on dawn patrol?

We answer your cohabitation and codependency questions this week

Trying to figure out how to show both of your dogs—with different energy levels—exactly how much you love them? We have answers to this dilemma and more in this week's lightning round.

And also, when to stop being a baby and learn to enjoy yourself

These brands are more likely to offer inclusive sizes, cuts for multiple body types, and innovative products for lady-specific needs

How to embrace the season (and your partner)

Comfortable, practical—and, yes, they actually keep you warm

A meditation on dating people who have different skills than you do

Mission-critical supplies for when the mercury drops

Plus, why first dates are scary (even for falconers), and how to overcome your nerves

The megapopular breed is possibly the worst city dog. But adopt these practices (and warning: they just might uproot your life) and it can also be the best.

For this Tough Love, by popular request, we're doing something a little different: a semi-noncapitalist gift guide

And don't let anyone make you believe differently

Hate craft beer? Dogs? Urinary tract infections? We have answers to some of the most pressing outdoors issues.

Dallas Seavey's current predicament shows how the sport's most visible event, wary of controversy, has closed in and tightened the rules. It should do the opposite.

Allowing girls is great, but the country's two scouting organizations need more serious change to better serve the next generation of outdoor lovers

It's no more dangerous than being a woman anywhere else in society. In fact, it may be safer.

Apparel that looks its best after you’ve put it through your worst

When Antarctica hits you with the worst storm in decades, sinks your boat, and drowns your crew, there’s only one way to react: get another ship and go back for more

Advice for taking a really, really long hike with your significant other

Outside's love guide answers your most pressing questions about dating, breakups, and everything in between. Today, we discuss how to make sure everyone has fun—from stoner to straightlaced, slow to speedy, risk-averse to reckless.

Our savvy, Norwegian-folk-school-trained writer shows you how to craft your own skijoring belts and mid layers

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