There’s a clever new LED safety light for night running/biking. Is it any good? And who invents this stuff?

It would be neat to have something that would allow me to communicate with the guys I ride with and track my speed.

What should I bring as an emergency fire starter on my next camping trip?

I want to keep biking deep into the fall—maybe even winter. What’s the most important piece of gear to stay warm?

Why would I pay over $100 for “compression” tights, when I can run in perfectly warm leggings for half that?

I really want to see birds and other animals up close. What are the most powerful binoculars I can get?

A chill is in the air, and it feels like my morning jaunts are under threat. How should I prepare to keep running through the winter?

I see people using increasingly high-tech hiking poles. What’s the deal?

It's getting cold, and I need a light, packable jacket for the trail. What should I buy?

The light's disappearing earlier and earlier, but I'm not ready to stop riding.

I’ve never tried fly fishing, and it's hard to find a buddy who's willing to show me the ropes. What’s the best way to get started?

I've been looking into the new Garmin Fenix. Is it any good?

What’s the deal with Bluetooth? My phone supposedly has it. Can I connect camping and workout gadgets with Bluetooth to my phone—and will they work?

Some of the graphics on skis and snowboards are really spectacular. Who draws this stuff?

I'd like to take better wide landscape shots when I'm traveling, but I'm not interested in investing in a really expensive camera.

Many sunglasses are designed for specific sports. How can I buy a pair that works in all different conditions?

I like barefoot and minimalist running shoes, but the ones I’ve tried feel too constrictive. What’s the very least I can get away with?

I'm going on a long backpacking trip and am looking for a good, healthy snack that won't weigh down my pack or my stomach.

Bug spray seems messy and outdated. Do the apps for Android phones and iPhones really work? What about bug-repellent clothing?

What’s the best way to haul water when running long distances?

I’m looking to step up to a better personal flotation device (PFD) for whitewater. What are the big differences between models?

I'm gearing up for an upcoming trip to the Himalayas, but my family isn’t so psyched for me to go. Should I invest in a satellite phone?

I've heard conflicting things about synthetics and their ability to keep me cool. What should I wear while running in this brutal heat?

I heard about the BioLite stove, which supposedly makes electricity from wood. Does it work?

Can I transform my smartphone into a more functional piece of gear?

I'm in the market for a new cell phone that will stand up to some rugged adventuring. Is it possible to find a device that will replace my GPS unit?

So you think it's legal to yak on that walkie-talkie? Check the owner's manual, bub.

A spiffy new generator turns wood into watts. Could be just the thing for getting waaay off the grid.

A look at the shimmering swag of tomorrow