Yes, eventually, you'll basically have an electronic tattoo

Our reviewer dissects the claims behind the newest crop of super clothing for the gym to find the products that actually work

The first full-length mountain film to be shot entirely in 4K is no gimmick: it's a game changer for high-action, small-budget productions

The FAA task force released its drone-registration recommendations Monday. Every small UAV weighing more than half a pound must be registered with the agency, but the process to do so seems downright reasonable.

The lawsuit generated a lot of news, but we suspect Polaroid doesn't have much of a case

It'll leave you grinning—if you can overcome your nausea and fear of death

It's the company's least exciting edit yet, but here's why we're still pumped about it

When (if?) the Snap hits production, it'll become the adventurer’s ultimate toy

Mood light, spotlight, emergency light—all in one adventure-ready box

A super light tent with headroom to spare

A beautiful tool that's actually useful

A space-saving design with that real water-bottle feel

The future is here, and it doesn't involve smartphones

Packing a lighter camp kitchen never looked so cool

The navigation giant just built a damn good POV camera. Here’s everything you need to know about the new GoPro rival.

Dozens of exciting battery prototypes are out there, but for now they’re just vaporware. Thankfully, some of the biggest names in tech—including Google and Apple—are finally getting on the case.

New gear for more informed—and more fun—training

The media is in a tizzy about new findings that suggest your smartphone is a better fitness tracker than that wearable device on your wrist. They're wrong.

Full-featured watches for smarter training

The hardware was mostly predictable, but the software could transform workout data

Creating a food journal to help you lose weight just got a helluva lot easier.

It’s simple, really. Just buy decent tequila, go with Cointreau, and for God’s sake, get some fresh limes.

Guess what? The grid is expanding and we predict in the next five years, you won't be able to unplug—even in the backcountry.

New running tech to help you score a personal best—or just make your jog more fun.

When it comes to rebuilding humans, we're kicking ass, and that's good news for injured athletes.

Desperate for your saucy, fiery fix? How about in vodka form? Drink at your own risk.

Despite their ubiquity, fitness trackers have yet to earn their place in the professional ranks—or deserve a spot on your wrist.

Can beer concentrate compete with the real thing? Brent Rose puts two alcohol-packed flavors to the test.

A growing list of apps and tracking units allows you to challenge riding buddies and strangers alike.

Recharge dead batteries off the grid with these portable power plants

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