Three new essential summer reads examine justice and payback in the wilderness.

The new Interior Secretary has an impressive résumé. Oil geologist, banker, president of REI. But today's Washington is a landscape without maps, and in this age of climate change and keystone, the major battles are taking place over at the EPA and State. Is greatness still possible at Interior?

Thrills on Everest, and a botanical romance

Two literary lions deliver long-awaited epics about espionage and globalization

Kick back and indulge in the season’s best beach books

Jon Mooallem's examination of the ideal animal

Take a page out of new books from Pollan, William McDonough, and Michael Braungart

The outbreak, which killed three, didn’t only attack the lungs of its victims. It messed with the psyche of the rest of us, too.

David Quammen's gripping new book on nightmare viruses

It started as a bluebird New Year's Day in Mount Rainier National Park. But when a gunman murdered a ranger and then fled back into the park's frozen backcountry, every climber, skier, and camper became a suspect—and a potential victim.

Peter Heller's terrific, apocalyptic first novel

E. O. Wilson has a surprising take on how humans conquered the planet

Alec Wilkinson revisits a failed polar attempt from the heroic age of Arctic exploration

If a megaquake like the one that hit Japan last March were to strike the U.S., the Pacific Northwest coast would be the likeliest spot. Geologists have their eyes on the Cascadia subduction zone, a 740-mile seam where the Juan de Fuca and North American plates meet. The CSZ has been building up tension for more than 300 years, say some seismologists. If that te

Monster earthquakes are going off all around the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire. Is the West Coast of North America next?* And can you surf a tsunami?** Join us on a footnoted foray into the terrifying world of megaquakes, tidal waves, and the fine art of being your own Jesus. *YES **NO

Arctic adventurer Lynne Cox tackles the legend of Roald Amundsen

Alexandra Fuller's Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness

Two new books detail the ongoing search for drifter Everett Ruess, plus required reading for August

One year after the spill, two books examine the causes and effects of BP's Deepwater Horizon disaster.

A new memoir from a fire lookout makes a convincing case for quitting your job.

Two new island novels explore what it means to leave everyday life far, far behind.

A new account of the Dalai Lama's escape from Tibet turns history into riveting adventure.

A wild journey into the world of giant waves—and the crazed surfers who seek them out.

A new master of natural-history writing emerges with the story of a killer tiger in wildest Russia.

Break out the hammocks and beach chairs! Presenting the best new books of summer.

The list of seven summits climbers used to read like an alpinist all-star team. Now there are kids who can include it on their college applications.

Two fiction titans imagine life on the feral side.

Jon Krakauer returns with an epic story of sacrifice and betrayal

Two new plane-crash memoirs hope to soar into the survival-narrative canon.

Think globally, act . . . well, you know

Thanks to 35 years of development, Mexico's Yucatán coast has been dubbed Gringolandia, a crowded stomping ground of all-inclusive big-box hotels for hordes of sun-scorched spring-breakers. So what happened to the region's frontier atmosphere and white-sand beaches? They're still there, finds Bruce Barcott. You just have to know whe

Our greatest science writers take on intelligent design in books that explore the theories of Charles Darwin—and the 21st-century consequences of not believing

Prepare to be converted by this tiny Central American nation of raw, dark jungle, teeming reefs, and a very original cast of locals. (They all speak English!)

Thomas McGuane is back, with a dazzling story collection about strong-willed guys, mysterious women, and stark realities on the range

New reports from global-warming hot spots explore a chilling reality: Life as we know it is changing fast

The U.S. men's ski team, once equal to the world's best, has spent a generation falling short of past glories. But the bad boys of alpine racing are back—with a killer gleam in their eyes. Here's how the Yanks rebuilt the beast from the boots up.

The worldwide search for expanded consciousness and free cocktails—and a par 11,880

Seven years after his last book, Cormac McCarthy is back—and the old cuss is leaner, meaner, and bloodier than ever. In his new novel, the famously reclusive New Mexican pens a furious tale of Southwestern noir with a body count approaching Tarantino-esque proportions. cormac mccarthy McCarthy is so famous for…

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