For New York's jet-ski gang, ripping around the city isn't just sport; it's an ecstatic celebration of life. If only I could make it my life.

How could he? As host of the ribald series ‘No Reservations’, Bourdain is the ultimate adventure traveler, eating (and drinking) his way across the planet, courageously swallowing whatever the locals do. This has 1. Caused him to acquire a very funky flavor and 2. Seriously altered his mind.

Amanda Beard shifts priorities for a shot at her fourth Olympics

We spoke to 25-year-old, seven-time Olympic medalist Amanda Beard about her progression from 14-year-old podium-placer to her out-of-retirement run for a fourth Olympic Games. Here, read Curtis's complete interview with Beard.

And I'm about to give him one—along with a good, swift kick in the ass

To air is human. To go big is divine. To huck for dollars at the hard rock cafe... a cry for help. Why are action-sports athletes suddenly channeling Evel Knievel?