Coach Carl details common mistakes runners make post-marathon and describes best practices for returning to training and racing.

Coach Carl talks through keys to having your best race day, from before the start through the finish line.

Coach Carl explains how to optimize your last weeks before the marathon to arrive fresh, strong and fast.

Coach Carl explains why, how and when to do faster speed workouts during your marathon training, and how to prepare for specific course challenges.

Coach Carl details why and how to do lactate threshold workouts — tempo runs and cruise repeats — during your marathon training.

Here’s how to approach your first time toeing a race starting line since pre-pandemic times.

Coach Carl details how, when and why to do essential goal pace and steady state workouts to prepare you for specific marathon demands.

Coach Carl discusses how to build and maximize your long runs over the course of your marathon training program without getting hurt or burned out.

Coach Carl explains three types of long runs you'll need for the marathon, and how to fit them into your training schedule.

Coach Carl explains what training elements you'll need each week as you prepare for a marathon.

Coach Carl talks through three essential questions to ask yourself before you begin marathon training.

Coach Carl talks through what to do in the days leading up to a race, and explains race-day strategies.

Galloway has done more for the sport of running than anyone I ever met, no matter what you think of "Gallowalking."

Coach Carl explains how to combine all the training elements for the 5K into an effective plan.

Coach Carl explains the critical importance of VO2 Max training for the 5K, and introduces "hammer" workouts you can use to maximize your race readiness.

Coach Carl explains why you need to improve your lactate threshold and how to target it with creative 5K-specific workouts.

Coach Carl explains the importance of neuromuscular training for the 5K and how to easily integrate it into your runs.

In the first of 6 episodes on the 5K, Coach Carl explains why now is the perfect time to target the 5K and how it will benefit your future goals.

The Olympic games may be postponed a year, but we’ll always have these goosebump-invoking stories. (Video clips included.)

How to overcome the unique logistical and mental challenges of racing alone.

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