Juicing is the biggest thing to happen to endurance sports since interval training. Time to hop on the bandwagon.

Oysters and lobsters affected

Conservationists concerned about the ecosystem

New ad campaign is fuzzier

Was practicing for Great Falls Race

Was attempting successive summits

Accident injured 6 other cyclists

20th member saw the weather change

When the Florida Wildlife Commission offered $1,500 for the most Burmese Pythons caught in the Everglades in a month, they had no idea that almost 1,600 would-be wranglers and a cabal of journalists would flock to the cypress swamps for what turned out to be more of a reality-TV audition than a good ole-fashioned bounty hunt. Now that the dust has settled, what

'Icefall Doctor' is the first casualty this year

Governing body denies participation

Fired at a helicopter before arrest

Mysterious desert feature may have been chewed into creation

Preview for Olympian's reality series

Swinging from Utah landmark popularized on YouTube

Behind the customization revolution that's changing the way we buy everything from candy bars to sea kayaks

A team of explorers aims to conquer one of the last polar firsts: crossing Antarctica in winter

Join us for the strange but true story of Wild Bill Cooper, playing right here on Thursday, February 7, 2013, at 7:00 p.m. ET. Filmmaker Mike Scholtz will join us in the comments below to answer your questions.

Reaches out to Landis, Livestrong

Plan failed to consider less intrusive options

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