With most of the area’s adventure offerings within an hour’s drive from the city, it's easy to fit in some outdoor fun in between your requisite eating and drinking

A master treehouse builder (yes, that's his real job title) on the numbers, physics, and philosophy of the perfect fortress

Trail runner, life-balance pro, and car-camping dad Luke Nelson shows us how it's done

Grab a wetsuit and a paddleboard, and hit the little-visited lakes on the park's western edge

The Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom is the country’s longest-running snowboard comp, having started in 1985 as a flowy ride through a naturally-formed halfpipe that snakes down the White Salmon side of the mountain. Today, the pioneering snowboarding event is also one of the last in which pros compete alongside amateurs.

When the temperature drops, hardcore hockey players around the world leave behind climate-controlled rinks and return to the frozen ponds where the sport was born.

Jeremy Collins is something of a dirtbag Renaissance man. He’s put up bold first ascents in his home crag, northern Arkansas’ Sam’s Throne.

While most of us were waiting in airport security and Thanksgiving traffic, a couple hundred climbers were heading south to Indian Creek, Utah. The Creek, 40 miles south of Moab, is a crack-climbing mecca, chock-full of legendary routes for those willing to suffer.

When George Rue started hiking parts of the Appalachian Trail six summers ago at age 18, he carried a sketchpad, intending to use it as both diary and camera.

There’s no money on the line and no barrier to entry. But it’s been called the Super Bowl of Kayaking for good reason. The raucous audience packs the tight canyon walls of what locals call the bedrock coliseum to watch.

Cross-sport initiative aimed at reducing fatalities

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