Eruption would spell doom for America

Plastic bottles will no longer be sold on campus

Has little use for the arts in the wild

Researchers review 27 food cost studies in ten countries

Releasing them at weddings may be hazardous

Proposed route runs through the Hay's Spring amphipod's only home

"Public nuisance" needs mitigation

Extensive report details abuse, negligence, and the deliberate downplaying of serious incidents on movie sets

The emus invade, a lone bird wages all-out war against humanity, and we say goodbye to a 507-year veteran

Pulled the moose entrails from its mouth

Natural design of the nasturtium leaf replicated

Male kills female in front of visitors

Filmed by French raptor activist Jacques Olivier Travers

America's Cup to be decided in final race

Legalization brings unforeseen consequences

Heavy rains flooding cave entrance

Strongest presence in the festival's history

Short $600 million for fighting fires

Biggest reality show in cable history

Escaped its pen at the Dakota State Fair

Will be clearing weeds for our forefathers

Will soon swallow site of 'The Phantom Menace'

Humpback was looking for sardines

Thousands planted by legalization activists

Environmentalists angry over video

Pearls of the Sky honor fallen leader

Leads to higher levels of the "hunger hormone"

Right whale was caught in a fishing line

New analysis of pre-eruption cycle

Park asks people to stop frying eggs on the ground

Deployed to consume hazardous brush

12-year-old climber succumbs to injuries

Body recovered in Wyoming

Long John Silver's takes home the trophy