This is my first year snowshoeing. Is there anything specific I should do to get my body ready?

My lower back kills me after long bike rides. How can I fix this?

I haven’t run a 10K since high school, but I’d like to get back into running. Can you set me up with a three-month training plan?

Even though you’re pumping your legs and working hard, you’re in a seated position, which is why many seasoned cyclists look like office workers who spend too much time slumped over at a desk. This riding position causes the muscles on the front of your hips to become tight. Here…

I recently bought a set of resistance bands. What moves should I do to make myself a better runner?

Good balance is critical for conquering difficult rides. The first step to better balance is being able to keep your body mass centered while reacting to adverse terrain. Use these simple drills to improve your body’s stability: Ate Standing Balance – Pedal and come to a complete stop. See how…