Jacques Cousteau’s grandson, who stars in an upcoming “Shark Week” special, talks about ocean exploration in the 21st century, carrying on his grandfather’s legacy, and what we can learn from nuclear sharks

About 100 people in the U.S. drown after being sucked out to sea in rips each year, and new research has experts arguing over how best to escape them. Australia has figured it out, why haven’t we?

A young man who died this month in a boiling hot spring in Norris Geyser Basin is just the latest casualty of the park’s main attraction

Carbon capture and storage is getting better. But is it too little, too late?

NASA crunched the numbers on 16 years of lightning strike data

EPA district administrator Jared Blumenfeld talks about why he’s escaping it all, and how to be a pescatarian on the 2,650-mile trail

The forgotten history of Brazil’s mosquito wars—the greatest public health victory you’ve never heard of

Surf breaks around the world are becoming more and more crowded, with people elbowing their way onto waves. Maybe local gangs like the Lunada Bay Boys are onto something.

Experts are training the vicious wild animals to sniff out avalanche victims—without mauling them to death

Whirlpools, piranhas, and malaria don’t even make the list

A mysterious plague that one expert calls “tree Ebola” threatens to wipe out the islands’ iconic ohia forests—and no one knows how to stop it

How do you start a new sport from scratch? A former Tough Mudder executive and other entrepreneurs around the world are about to find out.

As the Yosemite trademark case drags on, California legislators look to take a stand

The highly anticipated Mavericks surfing contest has been nixed this weekend even as epic waves roll into Northern California's coast. Blame the Super Bowl.

Underwater noise pollution is causing measurable harm to whales’ abilities to reproduce and navigate. A team of researchers proposes quiet zones as a solution.

Our continued fascination with the highest mountain on earth spawns a virtual reality “experience”

Avian enthusiasts around the country are speaking out, penning op-eds, and even threatening Ammon Bundy and his Sagebrush compadres to get them to leave Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

Trevor Thomas lost his sight as a young man, but that hasn’t stopped him from turning pro as a long-distance hiker. His insights will give you a whole new perspective on the outdoors.

Ian McIntosh did everything right—whether he meant to or not

All the outdoor access in the world doesn't mean much if your job keeps you chained to a desk with no time to enjoy it. So to find the best places to work in the U.S. in 2015 and 2016, we started by creating five company categories that reflect Outside's values and focus: Gear, Adventure & Travel,…

Even if you don't believe in campfire stories about ghosts and aliens, you can get your fill of fright with a haunted pre-trick-or-treat hike this Halloween.

It was the biggest set ever built for a Hollywood film in the 1920s, and then it was buried in the sands of the California Coast. The real story begins when a young filmmaker embarks on a decades-long attempt to excavate it.

The new film from Sweetgrass Productions shows you what it's like to pedal through a rattlesnake-infested desert—in the middle of the night

We asked a great white expert to explain the pro surfer’s terrifying encounter at Jeffreys Bay

A proposal to protect the remaining wild animals from poachers by marketing fake horn instead of the real thing sounds promising. But conservationists worry it'll only make the problem worse.

A new film looks at the world of competitive skydiving and the people who spend all their free time falling out of the sky.

Jimmy Chin’s documentary on scaling the Shark’s Fin may be the best climbing movie of the year—only it’s not really about the climb.

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