I need a multi-function barometer-altimeter-compass watch for trekking. I was looking at the Suunto Core watch (which I like) but I also found the Tech4o TrailLeader Pro. Is it a good watch, too? Do you have any other suggestions?

We had a food question a few weeks ago from someone embarking on a long canoe trip, and my answer was pretty much “learn to cook.”’ Maybe that was snarky. But it’s true: With the right ingredients and tools you can make just about anything you want. Backpacking is a…

I'm looking for a two-person tent that can be used for backpacking or car camping. Something light but not ultralight, and easy enough for one person to set up. I usually camp alone but want the space of a two-person tent. Suggestions?

What hiking boots would you recommend for a several-month hike over varied terrain from the Mojave Desert to the East Coast? The boots I have now make my feet hurt. And go numb.

I realized the knock on single walled tents is moisture and condensation. What are your thoughts on the new The North Face Phoenix 2 tent (made with DryWall membrane)? Would you recommend seam-sealing this tents or single walled tents in general? Bill Billerica, MA

I am trying to decide between the Asolo Superfly GTX (sold in Europe) and Asolo Spyre GV (sold in USA). Do you know much about these boots and have any recommendations? Any help would be appreciated. Do you know of any problems with ordering from Europe? Roy Mooresburg, TN

I'll be traveling in Italy and Spain in the summer, and am looking for a pair of go-to pants for the trip. They need to be light enough to walk the Camino de Santiago in August, washable enough to clean in a hostel sink, and understated enough to wear to restaurants and museums. Gear Guy, tell me, is there such a pant? Paolo Santa Fe, NM

I am looking for a good hybrid bike to ride on weekends with my kids and to also ride to work a (a 30-mile trip one way). I visited a local bike shop recently and they recommended the Trek 7.1 FX. What would you recommend? Seth Wayland, MA

I bought a pair of beginner Evolv climbing shoes and they have fared well, but I'm getting better and need something with aggressive heel and toe. What's the next step for a shoe? Greg Freeport, ME

What is the best casual, but functional, mountain biking pant? I'm looking for something breathable, high-backed, durable, and not fully waterproof. In other words, something I can ride in Moab, then pull on a clean T-shirt and sit down for a served dinner. Eric San Diego, CA

I am going on a Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim day hike in several weeks. I have done a lot of hiking mainly in light boots but I am wondering about using trail runners for this one. Any suggestions? Mark Henderson, NV

What type of sleeping pad is best for backpacking, the self-inflating or the tubular kind? Also what's the best, thickest pad out on the market? Rich Sycamore, IL

What food is best for long canoe trip, where weight is not an issue? Alex Savannah, GA

I'm looking for a kid's bike helmet and would like to know if there is difference in a $10 helmet compared to a $50 model. In addition, are there any exchange programs when the child out grows the helmet? JonathanClegg, ME

I'm looking for a backpack for traditional, one-day, multi-pitch climbing. Which is the best one? I'm inclined to the Marmot Ascent 40. AndreaSao Jose

What is the generally the best dog pack? I'm looking for maintained maneuverability, with loads up to 20 to 25 percent, maximum, of the dog’s weight, with priority on the dogs comfort and safety. Any ideas?Sa,Clemson, SC

Do I have to have boots with a foot shank for hiking the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island? Donna Victoria, BC

I am looking for a solid pack that is large enough for a bivy, a 32- to 45-degree down sleeping bag, an inflatable pad, and food for a night stay. But I also want to minimalistic. There are so many choices. Any suggestions? What should I be looking for? William Oakland, CA

I'm going hiking for a week in Iceland this spring. What kind of pants would be right for cold and rainy, but good for dry weather, too? Tom Springfield, VA

I'm planning a three-month backpacking trip in Europe for the fall of 2011 with my girlfriend. I would like to know what bag should I buy and how big it should be?! I was looking at the Arc'teryx and Osprey bags but I really don't know what to look for! Mathieu Montreal, Quebec

What is the best method, gear, and brand for water purification in the backcountry. Would you recommend a water filter, a pump, or something like Steripen, or just water purification tablets or even a mixture of both? Nick Bangor, ME

I'm looking for a good hiking shirt to wear this summer. I live in a country where temperatures can reach over 95 degrees. I would like something that is cool and quick-drying and will protect me from the sun. Karl Cape Town, South Africa

My wife promised me a new bike for my birthday. My current bike is a Marin San Rafael, which is serviceable, but heavy and not very fast. I am looking for more of a road bike that can also handle gravel and off-road trails. Will cyclecross bikes fit this bill? AlbertChicago, IL

I will be thru-hiking the John Muir Trail this summer and would like your opinion on sleeping bag. I currently own a synthetic, zero-degree bag that is an unappreciated 4 plus pounds. I know this is too heavy (as I thru-hiked the Colorado Trail with it). My real question: can I get away with a 30-degree down bag, or should I look more at a 15- to 20-degree bag? I tend to be a somewhat cold sleeper. I am 6'2", 190 pounds. I know the temperature ratings are guestimates at best, but your input would help. DaveDolores, CO

I'm going to Nepal to trek the Annapurna Circuit and would like to send a message home letting family know I'm okay. Will the Spot or ACR personal locator beacons work, and, if so, which do you recommend? Steve Apple Valley, CA

I need a good, lightweight woman's hiking shoe that I can walk about 15 miles a day on hard surfaces and still use to hike a few trails when I go to China this summer. Breathable is a must, as its going to be hot.Charlie Los Angeles, CA

What is the best trail running shoe for someone with flatish feet, that is 195 pounds, and runs between 7-10 miles a day on rocky trails? My shoes often wear on the outside first.ScottCamp Lejeune, NC

What's the warmest and lightest winter jacket for under $300 for a woman? JonWarren, VT

What is your recommendation for a windproof soft shell woman's jacket with good breathability and water resistance? I will be operating Zodiacs in 20- to 40-degree weather in the Russian Far East and need a good range of movement. Thank you.LaurieGaylord, MI

I live in Tahiti and do some day hiking and getting ready to try more serious overnight trips. What's the best women's backpack adaptable for our climate : i.e., for hot, humid, and rainy in tropical to marine environments? Approximate capacity required: 3,000 cubic inches for one to two days Any suggestions? Mary AnneTahiti

I have been looking for a good minimalist water purifier. I have been looking at Katadyn Pocket water filter with Output Hose, but $ 320.00 seems dear. I just can't pull that trigger since usually I just boil water. But now I'm looking for more instant gratification nowadays—for under $120? FredSanta Monica, CA

I'm doing a one-day 30.1-mile hike on the AT in April to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. What are the best boots for training/distance hikes?CharlotteCharlotte, NC

I am planning to participate in a knife-only survival course in the summer. What is the best survival knife on the market? Thank you in advance for your guidance.JuanMoreno Valley, CA

What would be the best digital camcorder for filming ski footage of my students on the slopes? Compact, optical zoom, easy buttons, a viewfinder or great screen that works in bright light, internal memory or flash memory, etc. Thanks! MarkToronto, Ontario

Which snowshoes have the easiest binding system for gloved hands?ArtPhiladelphia, PA

What's a good headlamp for mountain biking on singletrack at night? Brightness is obviously important but battery life (especially in freezing temperatures) is my priority. Ian Hayward, WI

What is the most compact one-man tent that can be used for winter camping in Vermont? I'm looking for something to mainly keep the elements out. I would need to fit it into a carry-on. Also, I am looking into a sleeping bag that can handle cold winter nights in the Green Mountains that I can also fit with my carry-on bag. Alex Columbia, MO

I'm trying to find lightweight hiking boots. I'm used to trail running shoes but want something more sturdy. But every hiking shoe I've tried forces my foot to pronate. Running shoes are neutral or they correct for pronation, but hiking boots encourage it, and it hurts my feet and knees. The stores sell expensive inserts, but those don't work for me, they leave my foot pronating with some arch support. Thoughts? Mark Seattle, WA

I'm looking for a lightly-insulated jacket to ski in and use for general winter wear. I would love something that is waterproof, stretchy, layerable, and versatile. The big thing is, I need it to FIT. I'm a short guy (5'6") with an athletic build. Seems like whenever I try on jackets at a retailer, the sleeve cuffs are dragging on the floor. Any advice for us shorties who are in search of the magic shell? Jon Cleveland, OH

I am about to embark on a three-week backpack adventure across the European continent. I am looking to only take one pair of shoes with me, so I need something that can withstand a wide range of terrain and conditions. What is the best all-around shoe for walking through cities, hiking, climbing, backpacking, etc.? I have considered the North Face Single-Track, the Salomon XA Pro 3D Ultra GTX, and several different models from Inov-8. Am I on the right path? Robby Cleveland, TN

What is the best backpack for both fishing and photography? It needs to carry four or five fly boxes, two reels, and miscellaneous accessories, plus be able to carry camera equipment safely. Robert West Chester, PA

I'm looking for a GPS unit for the backcountry but it would also be nice if I can use it on the roads sometimes. Does such a combo exist? What are the top three? MJ Arvada, CO

What's the best multi-tool for hiking? Josh Omaha, NE

I've struggled for years to find a way to keep my hands warm and dry in the backcountry. Inevitably, I sweat through my gloves on the skin up then freeze my digits on the descent. I currently have a light soft shell glove that I cover with an old hard shell for descending. Unfortunately, that gives me one more gear item to deal with on transitions, allowing my buddies drop in on the fresh line while I'm still fiddling. Travis Jackson, WY

What's a great men's down jacket that's extremely warm (waterproof would be nice) in the $250 range? I'm looking to wear this alone in the middle of winter without the need for layering. Peter New York, NY

I am looking into learning how to ski. What would you recommend as a good pair of skis for a beginner? Andrews Morgantown, WV

Would love you to recommend good shoe or boot for snowshoeing. I like to run in my snow shoes but need good shoe. Cindy Santa Fe, NM

What do you recommend for ski pants? I'm not too worried about price. I'm an all-mountain skier who has outgrown his last pair.AndrewSeattle, WA

After four weeks camping in the Florida Keys, my tent poles have suffered from some serious weathering of its ends (the ends that are on the ground). Is there a way to prevent this? Are some tent poles more resistant to weathering than others?Dean East Grand Forks, MN

My son wants a bivy tent. He likes to hike for couple of days at a time on his own, usually in a moderate climate but sometimes in the snow. What do I need to look for? Specific models if possible. Sue Kingwood, TX

I'm looking for a waterproof hard shell outer layer, preferably three-ply, for winter activities...skiing, hiking, snowshoeing. Somewhere between bombproof and minimalist?MikeNewton, MA

Can you recommend a few options for sunglasses that will not fog up while running and cross-country skiing? Thank you very much!EricMilwaukee, Wi

What is the best winter cycling glove?TonyLong Beach, CA

What is the best pant for a January backpacking/fly-fishing trip to Patagonian Chile? Jimmy Friend, NE

I'm going on a mountaineering expedition in Peru's Cordillera Blanca next summer. Being a college student, I don't have tons of money to shell out, so what is the best hard shell jacket for the best price?BryanBoone, NC

I'm going to Peru for a week-long hike to Machu Picchu. I think the tour guides carry the large gear (tents, food). What backpack should I get? My local store suggested an Osprey 40 but I really have no idea what to get. Help! Thanks.ChrisLouisville, KY

I am trying to find a good, durable approach shoe for both lightweight packing and climbing/canyoneering without have to change shoes. I am a minimalist when it comes to gear. I have read good things about the Five Ten Guide Tennies. Any thoughts or recommendations?FredSanta Monica, CA

What is the best soft shell for cross-country skiing? Paul Ely, MN

I am looking to buy a new snowboard. I only use it six to ten times a year but I still want a good board. I'm looking for a mid-level board for any sort of condition. What are your suggestions? David Detroit, MI

Which sporty watch would you recommend for someone that bikes, snowboards, hikes, and surfs? I am not so concerned with tide info, but I do want something that would keep him from getting lost when snowboarding or mountain biking in the backcountry! Shannon Temecula, CA

My son has requested a soft shell jacket as a gift. He seeks something similar to his Columbia shell with internal fleece jackets (3-in-1) of his youth. I think he wants the shell and doesn't care if it zips into a liner. Your suggestions? Susan Cedar Rapids, MI

What camera tripod would you recommend for backpacking travel through Europe? Haven't decided on taking the Canon Powershot or the Rebel. Robin Tucson, AZ

I am running the Tough Mudder race and was wondering what the best type of pants to wear? I need something that will keep me somewhat warm, I know that will be nearly impossible but also won't weigh me down. Thanks a lot. CB Athens, GA

I am looking at replacing my Marmot shell after ten years of use. As was the challenge last time, I am having a hard time with fit. I am 6'3" and most sizes that fit are XL, which means I have the proper arm length; however, it is too big around the torso. The misconception is that tall is big when tall is often fit. Do you have any recommendations for a shell that will give proper fit without sacrificing performance and durability? Daniel Ottawa, Ontario

I seek wisdom from the experienced Gear Guy on winter clothing layering. I will be hiking up Mt. Washington in January and I am hoping I can beseech your advice on finding the best layering combination (starting with base-layer clothing suggestions to mid-layer clothing suggestion and finally the outer shell layer suggestion). Thank you, exulted Gear Guy! -Nathan St. Louis, MO

I've used knives for various outdoor activities for years but realized I don't know how to effectively sharpen a knife (aside from tossing it and buying a new one). Can you recommend a sharpener or good resources to learn to sharpen a knife? -Doug Minneapolis, MN

What is the best multipurpose digital camera that can take a beating and can be mounted on a helmet. BryanMedford, NY

I need the perfect present for my boyfriend's birthday! He's a cyclocross racer, mountain biker, skier, rock climber, and camper, and loves all outdoor gear and tools. Any great ideas within the $150 range?? -Sara Las Vegas, NV

What's the difference between synthetic insulation and down insulation in terms of staying warm? For example, how does 700 or 800 fill down compare to synthetics? PaulChicago, IL

I would like to get my husband a pair of snowshoes for the holidays. I know nothing about them. Can you suggest a few pairs worth looking into? Thank you! KatieMilford, NH

After having skied in the Northeast for the past ten years, I have come to appreciate warm gloves and have always gone for the mitten approach. My Swany X-Change gloves just fell apart and I was thinking of buying a warm finger glove. I was looking at the Black Diamond Legend or Guide. Which would you recommend? CyrilBurlington, VT

What gear should I use while biking with my dog running alongside? BrettShaker Heights, OH

As a recent transplant to Colorado, I realized I should be in the market for a decent winter boot (that could optionally be used year round). There are so many options out there with so many mixed reviews. I'd like to keep the purchase below $200. Any suggestions? JohnDurango, CO

What is the best ski pant for people who tend to run hot? Eron Los Angeles, CA

I've decided to go big and invest in a quality down jacket, one that I'm going to wear for the next decade. I may be using it when I'm shoveling snow, snowshoeing in the mountains, or just around town. Which jacket do you recommend? Lindsay Durango, CO

I run on trails in the Virgin Islands because it's the only safe place to run, but I don't have trail running shoes. I have been tearing through shoes because they can't handle the rough terrain. What is the best warm-weather trail running shoes? Imagine a rocky gravel trail that gets muddy due to frequent tropical downpours. —Greg

How do you remove mildew from backpacks, waders, and other outdoor gear. I recently brought out my gear for a weekend trip and discovered a lot of mildew on my gear. I looked at the Nikwax website, but do not see any products for mildew.

If you were only going to take one pair of shoes or boots to Belize to hike in the jungle, visit some ruins, and screw around on some zipline and cave tubing tours, what would you take? I'd love both a male and female option (for my companion).-AdamBoulder, CO

Can you help me find a winter running jacket that breathes, keeps the real cold out (think below 20F) and that doesn't require 3 layers underneath? Would love to run with just a single base layer (merino seems best in these conditions) under a jacket that won't over heat or leave me cold.Dan Chicago, IL Location (City, State/City Country)

I want to buy my cousin a pack to carry his skis up the mountain. He's 18 years old, just started school in Flagstaff, AZ. Should be some good back country stuff for him to try. What's a good pack for back country skiing? Nelson Alexandria, VA