SUPs, souped-up bikes, sunglasses, and other things your dad will love

A bag that epitomizes the high quality of small-batch products made in the U.S.

A compact, simple way to fly-fish

Camp cookware for the space-concious foodie father

Because beer's only good as the glass it comes in

A vintage-inspired bike with a worldwide impact

Boost your SUP power with a motorized assist.

Three things even the most experienced runners usually biff

The four-minute mile. As the sixth American high-schooler gets inducted into this exclusive club, we take a look at what might be in store for him.

Feeling crispy-fried? Let four-time Olympic marathon trials qualifier, Clint Verran, show you how to stop worrying and love the run.

A different kind of close shave, inspired by one of the world's most famous alpinists and photographers.

One running-style-sex lubricant to rule them all

The distance running powerhouse enters a full-blown crisis that affects every fan of the sport.

Tips and tricks for off-roading noobs

The classic survival tool gets an upgrade

Steer your bike into the Digital Age

The most innovative multitool we've seen in years.

A cell phone smart enough to never grow obsolete

Turn your smartphone into a sophisticated music player

A pair of sturdy jeans for your bike.

The classic VW camper gets a futuristic upgrade.

Warm, tiny living with room for you and a guest.

Ditch that paddle and put the pedal to the seas.

Discover Mount Hood at the bottom of your empty beer glass.

With 2,000 square inches of cooking space, this is the mother of all meat smokers.

Utilize your flashlight's wasted space.

Three new, surprising offerings from a heritage knife maker.

Tow this ultralight camping trailer with a motorcycle.

A techy barbecue straight out of 'Elysium'

Good for the conscience, great for the surf

Music to your ears, training for your heart

Live in the lap of Mongolian luxury.

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