Want to see more people on bikes? Get over yourself and the rest will follow.

New York City may make headlines for its Vision Zero initiative and its ever-growing bicycle infrastructure network, but the police department's treatment of cyclists can be downright draconian

The secrets to teaching your child to have a positive relationship with cycling in a country that hates bikes

It’s become conventional wisdom that e-scooters are dangerous. Like most conventional wisdom, it’s probably wrong.

Because there’s no apology like a backhanded apology

At a certain point in life, it’s not ethically possible to cheat

I committed to riding only one bike for all of 2018. Here’s how I did.

Is it too much to ask for a little serenity, people?

New York City is at the forefront of breaking car dominance in America. But internationally, it’s bringing up the rear.

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Helmets have been mandatory in the pro peloton for well over a decade. Where’s the data that it’s helping?

Cyclists and cops often don’t see eye to eye because they literally don’t see eye to eye

They may not be for everybody, but they were always awesome—and even more so now that they’re totally uncool

We need to stop selling bicycles on environmentalism. We ride because it's fun, healthy, cheap, and practical—and because it annoys people who drive.

Saving a life is as easy as checking for cyclists. So naturally nobody does it.

Hot take! Making cars more dangerous will make our roads safer.

Rumors of my favorite tire size’s death are greatly exaggerated. (I hope.)

They’re dorky, antisocial, and dangerous. So should we outlaw them?

When it comes to being pro-bike, so-called “avid cyclists” seem to be anything but

We both break the law from time to time. But it's not even close to a one-to-one exchange.

When it comes to killing with cars, anything goes as long as you’re sober

Want to de-bro cycling? Build more and better bike lanes.

When it comes to riding a bike, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do

Why helmet giveaways are an act of surrender

Bike Snob NYC spent three days scootering around Portland, Oregon, to determine, once and for all, whether the now infamous tiny wheeled contraptions are a scourge on our cities—or whether they’re damned convenient and laughably benign

Adjust your mindset and your bike will follow

When it comes to committing seemingly minor infractions while operating a vehicle, it only takes a split second to kill a cyclist

In today's carbon-framed fat-tubed push-button bicycle landscape, it can be difficult to find a bike that truly stands out. Enter the Drysdale Special.

There’s still joy in riding a bike that’s out of style

Most people are pro-bike—it’s time to stop pretending otherwise

And neither are cargo bikes. It's time to let go of this silly notion once and for all.

Encouraging children to race bikes would make the country—and the world—a better place

The problem isn’t dockless bikes. It's dockless cars.

During the 2018 California L'Eroica, Bike Snob NYC braved saddle sores and a single pizza-size gear on a century-old Mead Ranger—all in an attempt to prove that bike technology hasn't gotten that much better. Or to prove that, well, maybe it has.

Drivers think cyclists hold up traffic. It’s actually the other way around. How many bikes do there have to be in order for us to realize that?

He may want to save the world, but the Tesla CEO’s distaste for traffic and clickbait could destroy us all

Cycling in the afternoon is totally gauche

Does not being moved by a tremendous cycling effort make you some sort of sociopath?

Give drivers an inch and they'll take over your whole city

Americans tend to equate cycling with frivolity, but riding bikes can be serious business

Sometimes feeling too good on the bike can be your undoing

Our bikes may be better now, but what about the world in which we ride them?

It’s not about which laws you break—it’s about how you break them

It’s not the bike that matters—it’s where you take it

Researchers say cyclists are a “problem” for self-driving technology, but the real problem is the cars

New Yorkers were on high alert after a coyote attack a few weeks ago. But certainly this thing couldn’t be as dangerous as a taxi driver toward the end of a 12-hour shift, right?

Drivers need to start owning up to how dangerous they are

Because your Garmin can’t help you navigate your relationships

We’ve already let go of the idea that cyclists should pretend to be drivers. Maybe it’s time to let go of our fixation on safety gear as well.

Schools used to teach auto shop. Maybe it’s time to start teaching bike shop.

Biking to run errands is commonplace in other countries, so enough with the 20 questions.

An unlicensed truck driver killed a 13 year-old cyclist in Brooklyn. It’s time to take motor vehicle licensing and registration into the 21st century.

It’s time to kill the surprisingly prevalent myth that cycling causes sexual dysfunction

If you really want to fight climate change, you can't just sue Big Oil. You also have to embrace e-bike delivery.

In short, your children are in vastly more danger in their own driveways than they are in a bicycle child seat

Maybe that do-anything, go anywhere machine you’ve always wanted is one you already have

A New York politician picks on the wrong cyclist

Sometimes the most crowded landscapes are also the most expansive

You don't need to get kitted up before every ride

Want to change people's minds about cycling? Start with the school drop-off and go from there.

On the road, the window to the soul is more of a one-way mirror

Is riding with headphones really such a big deal?

Did Fabian Cancellara really use a motor? And if he did, what does that mean for cycling?

Getting acquainted with nature's carbon fiber

The case for rethinking one of cycling's oldest and most misused components

Sometimes the best performance upgrade is portability

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Why it will destroy cycling, society, and the planet if we let it

Sometimes preparation is all about what you leave behind

The cycling universe tends toward increasing specialization and extreme anal retention

Why cycling—and the world—would be better if we all stopped driving to rides

When it comes to bikes and tech, morality is a moving target

A little hands-on experience is a much better performance investment than that tempting new upgrade or those mind-numbing hill repeats

Why you can cut your mileage in half and still come out ahead

Your tires are as important as they are boring, which is why you're totally overthinking them

The Spandex-clad "roadus velocipedus" species is being subsumed by the "adventure bike" category. Has the sun finally set on road riding?