German documentary alleges corruption, cover-ups

Mexican initiative inspires confidence and positive values

Park Service struggling with concessionaire contracts

Pioneered Grand Canyon river guiding

Prolonged workouts may leave you prone to infection

Darsh Patel was no more than 100 feet away from bear

Conservation groups sued to prevent permit

Rocks thrown as workers attempt to help sea lion

Will reportedly release its consumer UAV "late next year"

Prepared food must be "clearly and conspicuously" labeled

Plans to promote on-bike cameras and reform the race calendar

Soon-to-come FAA rules would apply to commercial drones big and small

Classifies them as motorized vehicles

Users rewarded for leaving their mobile device alone

Will serve more than 2 years in federal prison

A report claims that Amazon wants in on hotel bookings

Resort running 6 lifts accessing 540 acres

Wearable tech numbers used for personal injury claim

Climber says he understands company's point of view

Another big-name cyclist plans attempt

Animals handle tundra better than snowmobiles

Pipeline falls short by one vote

Shoe purchasers can expect to get $8 to $9 a pair

But they're still willing to pay more for it

High-altitude network could provide Internet access anywhere

More than 100 bikes from biopic available

Miscommunication between pilots may have contributed to crash

Marine park chain's revenue plummets

Proposed admission increases follow similar moves at other parks

Both sides agree to limit emissions; further efforts needed

A closer look at swim coaches who abused their athletes

Says sunken ship was "unseaworthy," wants $5.1 million

Pop star participated in fixed races to qualify for Sochi Olympics

Kilauea flow threatens village

Legislation calls for 3-year prison terms for offenders

Footage taken by fellow firefighters is stirring but unilluminating

Rocket-powered bike reached 207 mph

Allegedly dumps athletes who BASE jump or free-solo, including Honnold

Contraband smuggled on presidential plane

Tune out or risk poor sleep and other health problems

Star goes inside an anaconda wearing special suit

Dutch project previews a future of energy-generating roadways

First encounter in 60 years with embattled species

Blackhawk helicopter called in to aid operation

44-year-old mother of six clocks 6:28.6

Trekker captures images to commemorate Shackleton's expedition

Officials plan new national anti-doping agency

Scottish distilleries are in shock

Defies death above Chicago

Major cycling event seeks to narrow the gender gap

British rider targets midsummer in Majorca

Push to 'Go Digital' ahead of NPS anniversary

Wilson Kipsang and Mary Keitany take top honors

Beats mark set by Voigt last month

First sighting since the 1940s

World Marathon Majors postpones award ceremonies

Over the last week, five top mountain athletes died in three separate incidents in the Himalayas and Andes. Here, we’ve gathered remembrances from people who knew them best.

100 companies that believe the secret to success is empowering employees to live bigger, better lives.

Freeskiers had been filming on Chile's Mount San Lorenzo

Had been descending Argentina's Cerro Vespignani

Own Reese Witherspoon’s Hollywood-ready hiking boots.