Give your boots some extra stability for especially icy weather - all it takes is a quick trip to the hardware store.

With programs like the Biological Passport, the sport has made admirable progress. But more still needs to happen, including some bold new steps.

Obstacle-course racing is the nation’s fastest-growing sport, with millions of annual participants. It’s time to join the party with our handy guide to all things obstacle racing.

A new breed of sports drinks, backed by a decade of studies, are challenging common assumptions about how best to hydrate—and offering smarter, more effective alternatives

In the wake of Chris Froome's brilliant stage victory, the critics have turned on the rider. To silence the doubters, Team Sky needs to address its problem with transparency.

You can't control the elements, so may as well keep track of their goings-on. These handy apps will keep you on top of things.

Pro-Bar founder Art Eggertsen's recipe for a protein-rich calorie grenade

Build a better fire all on your own. Here's how to choose and split firewood without losing any digits.

Get your dog airborne with the Doggie BASE Rig from Caninsanity.

The Blendtec is the best no matter what you're mixing.

Direct impacts rarely end well. Every year, collisions with wildlife result in 1.5 million crashes, 200 deaths, and $1 billion in vehicle damage. Here are five tips to stay safe.

A basic 10-question checklist to make sure that you're focusing on the right things when you head out into the backcountry

We bet you've never heard of some of these dog breeds

Man's best friend doesn't always come free. In fact, some are willing to pay in the thousands for certain types of dogs, even breeds that are fairly easy to obtain. Though costs will vary based on location and breeder, these 10 breeds often have the highest average price tag.

Outside readers send us their favorite gear

Readers voted Richmond, Virginia, the nation's most livable river town. (No joke!) To find out why, Jon Billman paddles, runs, and snorkels for crabs in the former Confederate capital. Plus: the lowdown on nine other great river towns.

The new Lytro Camera means you may never have to focus again.

You're ready to act on those good intentions, but how do you know the organizations you're backing deserve your trust? Here are the 30 best—smartly managed groups with transparent financials, efficient spending, and track records of on-the-ground success.

They control the lands you play on, the athletes you worship, the gear you buy, even the food you eat. Meet the 25* most influential people in the world outside. *Ranked in order of influence

Just when we need it most, along comes a wave of enlightened companies that believe success starts with smiling employees.

Spontaneity means traveling light but also being prepared. The gear you bring—bikes, boats, ’biners—depends on where you’re going. The rest? Pack no more than the Black Diamond Equipment Apollo.

Spontaneity means traveling light but also being prepared. The gear you bring—bikes, boats, ’biners—depends on where you’re going. The rest? Pack no more than the Kelty BaseCamp Kitchen.

Spontaneity means traveling light but also being prepared. The gear you bring—bikes, boats, ’biners—depends on where you’re going. The rest? Pack no more than the Big Agnes Insulated Air Core.

Apply Liberally: At Outside’s 50 Best Places to Work, you can’t go wrong

Presenting eight romantic, spontaneous, epic, and quest-driven cruises down America's emptiest highways.

Our panel runs down the challenges, including the unwaveringly white face of adventure media

Casual-but-sharp button-downs and lace-ups for the summer season, including the Keen P-Town casual men's shoes.

Casual-but-sharp button-downs and lace-ups for the summer season, including the Gravis Slymz Mid-Leather men's casual shoe.

Casual-but-sharp button-downs and lace-ups for the summer season, including the Patagonia Three Trees men's shirt.

Casual-but sharp button-downs and lace-ups for the summer season including the Quiksilver Marzone SS men's shirt.

Turns out you can get there from here

Where do you end up when you want a community with incredible access to the outdoors, affordable homes, and solid jobs? Some very surprising places. Introducing the top 25 towns in America for cycling, paddling, running, surfing, skiing, and—because you might want everything—all of the above.

Whenever adventure goes wrong, more than 5,000 everyday heroes stand ready for wilderness search and rescue. Meet six of the best in the business: unsung pioneers, backcountry veterans, and saviors of last resort who will risk everything to bring you back alive.

Six lifestyle shades have you covered.

They say that becoming a dad means your days of big trips and serious adventure are over. They are so wrong.

They don't have sponsors, and they're not getting paid to train. But these day-job-holding athletes compete like elites. Follow their lead and you can, too.

On August 9, after 28 months and more than 4,000 miles, Britain’s Ed Stafford became the first human to walk the length of the Amazon—not a place for the roughshod. Plus, 10 stylish shoes for spring.

We present our Trips of the Year, everything from whitewater rafting in Siberia to mountain biking in Argentina to the greatest multisport vacation in Alaska.

The most creative and affordable array of trips we’ve seen in years. Time to pack your bag.

#4 There’s No Better Way to Prove Yourself.

High-speed photos help build a custom ski.

Keep these cards close to the vest.

What do the world's most rejuvenating island escapes have in common? Empty sand, lonely surf, and new adventures of the strangest kind.

From game-changing new materials (like moisture-wicking cotton) to evolutionary leaps in engineering (like a rotating helmet for extreme crashes), the avant-garde of 21st-century gear has just one thing in common: a total disregard for the status quo.

Outside Magazine offers free photo galleries. See the best in outdoor photography, featuring top pictures of climber Alex Puccio.

Presenting the best of a new generation of action films, from mountain biking and snowboarding to skiing and climbing.

Herein, a primer on the talents—like chopping firewood or putting an edge on a knife—that will never be obsolete.

Presenting 51 dream trips, daring quests, essential skills, and exalted states of body and mind.

Presenting 25 of the best adventure, investigative, and nature documentaries ever. Plus: the best of a new generation of action films.

Navigating the politics of river conservation can be tricky. Here's what's going on now.

Saloons so good you'll take an adventure just to see them.

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Cut back on adventure overload with our curated trip guide.

Poles The Classic Scott’s Team Issue poles ($120; are made from aircraft-grade aluminum (translation: twice as strong as cheapies) and have a really simple and durable strap. BACKCOUNTRY READY Need extra leverage? A quick flick is all it takes to extend Black Diamond’s aluminum Boundary…

Endless Powder! Rowdy Bars! Screaming Deals! Secret Stashes! Huge Steeps!

The easiest way to build fun and adventure into every day? Lose the car keys and ride your bike to work—and everywhere else. Herein you’ll find the knowledge, tips, bicycles, duds, and gear to pull it off in style. Saddle up!

It takes more than a good camera to get a good shot. Nowhere is that more true than in adventure photography—a field of photographers snapping with split-second shutter speeds in the least hospitable environments on earth.

That trope about photos being worth 1,000 words? Here's where it came from.

I'd like to plan a trip around erica's biggest and fastest roller coasters. Any suggestions on where I should head to maximize my riding time?

Next year, I would like to climb Kilimanjaro with my brother to celebrate his 30th birthday. Can you recommend any tour organizers who have a particularly good reputation for treks up Kilimanjaro? We are hoping to cp instead of staying in huts and will probably select a moderately intense route up the mountain.

...makes you stronger, smarter, healthier, and—let's face it—more interesting. Just ask research editor Ryan Krogh, who volunteered for a cage fight.

This simple formula is seemingly impossible to master. So how does Kelly Slater do it year after year? And how can you?

Forget theory. You want results. Our tutorial lays bare the tricks, techniques, and gear of our favorite photographers.

From showroom cookers to backyard fire pits, choice cuts of beef to slaw-covered brats, perfect margaritas to domestic sixers, it’s summer. Time to move the kitchen outside.

Seven people with the sweetest jobs around share their secrets on how they got the gig

Whatever daredevilry you aim to master, you can go from zero to hero a lot faster than you think. Join our brave, bruised guinea pigs on their quests to prove that, with a little time and energy (and the right coach), any bum can be a badass.

You skipped breakfast because you overslept because you couldn’t fall asleep because you didn’t have enough time to exercise. Sound familiar? Then turn the page and let us—and Michael Phelps—show you how to recalibrate for your best year ever.