Our editors regale us with their favorite memories of dad outside

Our producer Madeleine LaPlante-Dube on her favorite no-excuse leggings: The Gore R3

Away's the Bigger Carry-On won us over with its compact, sleek construction and features like an ejectable battery and TSA-approved lock

Frosty fortresses for trail and campsite

Accessories for good boys and girls

Buffs and bandanas aren’t exactly essential running gear for most people, but they’re handy workhorses that mop sweat, keep hair back, and perform a dozen other functions in a pinch

From 'The Suble Art of Not Giving a F*ck' to 'Sapiens,' this professional mountain biker doesn't mess around when it comes to reading good books

Proper storage means you get outside faster—without forgetting anything important

Don't be so quick to throw that worn-out equipment in the landfill

Step one: know the conditions and whether fires are actually allowed where you're camping

Spring has sprung, but there’s never been a better time to stock up on year-round gear. Save up to 40 percent on our favorite Stio items from 3/24 to 3/26.

The Tension Flash Board is a crag essential

Our editors have been looking forward to their dividends all year long. Here's what they're spending them on.

From ‘Becoming,’ by Michelle Obama, to ‘Sapiens,’ by Yuval Noah Harari

The professional ski mountaineer counts these titles among her all-time favorites

Four books that come highly recommended from one of America's most prolific mountaineers

Each one is made by hand and comes with a lifetime guarantee

Bomber tie-downs and secure hitches to have in your repertoire

Don't travel with your rig without these nine things

A few essentials can make even the most reluctant want to venture out

Layer them over a pair of leggings and they will keep your lower half toasty warm

The free soloist hopes that these four books will teach you something about the world

Photographs by Dutch photographer Jimmy Nelson from his new book, Homage to Humanity. Words by Emily Reed.

Treat it right and you'll have a workhorse that will last you decades

Turn your game up a notch with these easy-to-use tools

The Ruffwear Trail Runner bowl is a worthy addition to any dog owner’s kit

Exploring the ocean floor with an urchin hunter. Words by Emily Reed.

Five favorite books from the elite endurance athlete and environmental activist

It will serve you well when things go wrong

With 700-fill down and a rating to 23 degrees Fahrenheit, this bag is ready for a lifetime of adventures

Boil water, drop a packet in, and start your day off with a piping hot cup of tea

Buy this $80 seat cover and you’ll never pay to detail your car again

Featuring everything we love about the original Allpa, in a smaller, more manageable size

Eight products used by athletes and expert adventurers to protect their faces from the elements

Five ice chests that keep food and drink colder, longer, anywhere

Clip it to his collar, sync it with the app, and never lose your dog again

During that time of the month, this pack keeps everything clean, organized, and in one place

Slim, stylish, and affordable—this pack is a great daily carry

This long sleeve tee is perfect for any outfit and any weather

This European gear giant is trying to disrupt the U.S. outdoor market with its $2.50 backpacks and $49 tents. But is the product any good?

No need to simply toss your flips after running them into the ground

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