Think feeling crappy on a plane is inevitable? Think again. What you eat pre-flight could mean the difference between winning your away race and spending the trip in bed nursing NyQuil.

When it comes to staying safe and enjoying great views, rooftop tents are the way to go.

Hint: It has nothing to do with mileage or speed

Craft beer, sweet gear—what's not to love?

Travel to the best slopes of Switzerland in style—a newly crowdfunded sleep-in bus will take you there

The tech company introduced new operating systems for its computers and mobile devices Monday—and we think it’s been taking notes from us.

Aussie woman says rules deter women from biking

Three panes of glass separate you from a 1,000-foot fall. And they start cracking, which is what happened to Willis Tower visitors Wednesday. Terrifying, yes. But dangerous? Not exactly.

Wife killed husband, says court

"Beekeeper commissioner" saves Upper West Side

CEO hasn't washed his in a year

Part of ecological revitalization project

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks range now protected

Take note, Mr. Grylls

Nicknamed "Naia," remains shed light on earliest Americans

Men and women from equal playing fields win more medals

Just in time for American Craft Beer Week

See the Stampede Trail from the air for $250

New threads can also serve as power source

Anti-aging gene also aids cognition

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