If you believe the rumors, Apple plans to launch into the health and fitness world later this year with a software upgrade—and potentially some killer hardware. But it seems like Google might have beat the company to the punch.

Could it teach other dolphins?

LAPD: "We are well aware of it."

Steal ice cream, take selfies

Jawbone makes its excellent fitness tracker Android-compatible.

Officials quote from "The Lorax"

6.9 magnitude quake strikes off coast

Why the Old Country Loves E-Bikes

Protects injured owner for 24 hours

Largest land predator to roam Europe

Agency wants to spin winning film

Greenpeace founder declares

The 41-year-old Iditarod remains a true test of mushing skills and the strength of a dog team. Meet the men and women set to conquer the course.

Could help save Earth from deadly asteroids

A friend's drunken offer to chow down at Taco Bell? Irresistible.

Russians pay $1.54 billion per medal

Voice-sensing abilities similar to humans

Will stimulate local commerce, fight smog

But you'll need to eat a lot

Alternate proposal: Eat the fish to extinction

Did Russians sabotage Canadian lugers?

Want to protect winter sports for future generations

Fatalities in three Western states

Provides clues about the Big Bang

Maybe not, but along with aspirin, it might help

Survivorman discusses Bigfoot, his worst survival illness, and his family camping habits in AMA

They keep the planet from getting too hot or cold

Will Russian athletes dominate Sochi?

Study of hockey players reveals permanent alterations to brain

Company will "catch and dispose" of canines

Country's last snow was 30 years before his birth

Pesticides, heat, and deforestation to blame

New research outlines the drug's addictive qualities

Because Pamplona is too far for some

New York-based spoof receives cease-and-desist from namesake

Despite IOC invite, national government won't let skier compete

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