A green motorsport event? Yup, in this case a historic race on the Isle of Man. Gentlemen, start your (battery-powered, zero-carbon, no-decibel) engines!

Paris is romantic, cultured, and sophisticated—and teeming with rollerblading fanatics? An investigation into France's most mysterious obsession.

After a brief tutorial at rodeo-clown school, our man steps into the world's most terrifying ring.

Those people who say that? They're annoying. But, as our man eventually discovers, that doesn't mean they're not on to something.

We tried to stop our man from revealing the dirty secrets of travel writing. Alas, he refused to be muzzled.

The first Filson bag I ever saw was in the callused hands of a wrangler in Grand Junction, Colorado. The next million hung from the shoulders of ad designers, junior corporate lawyers, and artfully disheveled fashion writers in Man­hattan’s East Village. That’s right: Bags by Filson, makers of refined hunting-and-fishing…

Still, traversing the rugged and remote Olympic Peninsula is doable, thanks to inflatable boats called packrafts—and a bit of ingenuity

Meet José, emblem of New York City's wildlife renaissance—and the Big Apple's newest Casanova

Sailing the Caribbean, delivering homegrown chocolate bars? Good work if you can get it, which is exactly what our man did.

The craziest way to spread the gospel about North Dakota's enormous, untapped wind power? Kite-ski the bastard.

But once it hits your lips, it's so good! Join two thirsty gringos on Mexico's Tequila Trail

The new Vectrix, the only highway-legal electric bike on the market, isn’t perfect. But once I figured out how to work the counterintuitive, throttle-based regenerative brakes (forward to stop slowly, forward and lever to stop quickly … or was it the other way? … dang, sorry, lady!) and made peace…

She rips like Julia Mancuso. You ski blue runs. So is the relationship doomed? Dr. Eric weighs in on “Skills Deficit Syndrome” and other perils of extreme love.

Two gung-ho idiots try to demonstrate that the world’s last great forest + chainsaws = awesome skiing

Outside was born into a far-out Bicentennial world of Coors, cutoffs, and bright-orange tents. Maybe there's a reason they say, "Don't look back."

We sent our wayward columnist to row a boat in Cinque Terre and all we got was this lousy letter

He haughtily presumed he'd be able to work through the pain like a Mack truck. Then he met Dr. Angst and Nurse Tingle.

When our man dons a tumpline and dhoko for a five-day trek in the Himalayas, he discovers two things: Nepali porters may be the toughest workers in the universe, and there’s simply no way he can measure up

With our guide to bareboating, it's easier than ever to rent and rule your own sailing ship

Jonathon Keats believes trees are artists, too, so he lined up 50 evergreens that seemed ready to sigh, sway, and create. Care to buy a sketch?

It's a rude, happy awakening when Grandma road-trips better than you

In which our intrepid misadventurer sets out to win a marathon and quit smoking. (Hint: He only succeeds at one.)

There's only one best ski town for nighttime fun, and it's Aspen

One man, one idiotic quest: to find El Mirador, a mysterious beachfront bar in a very remote and very dangerous part of Colombia. Who knew there would be complications?

WHEN AMERICAN CLIMBER Greg Mortenson stumbled into the Pakistani village of Korphe in 1993—lost, starving, and separated from his expedition mates after an unsuccessful attempt to summit K2—he had no idea that the three days he’d spend recuperating there would change his life forever. To thank the locals who nursed…

Boxing drills aren't just for pugs anymore—they'll jump-start your fitness for mountain biking, paddling, climbing, and more

Three months of pure freedom. You're loving it—and we are, too. From big water to big walls, from oyster stands to dune shacks, fifty-one sunny ways to dive in when the mercury rises.

Think yoga is for wimps? You haven't reckoned with Peter "Iron Yogi" Seamans, the star bodybuilder who wants to get you ripped—one urinating-dog pose at a time.

Living well is a European tradition, but playing hard is the continent's secret passion. We discover five towns where you'll be both challenged and charmed.

A generation ago, mounting an expedition meant drafting a herd of porters, slogging loads of gear to a rocky base camp, and laying siege to a Himalayan peak. These days, light, fast, and self-supported expeditions are in, and multisport explorers like Mike Libecki, Mark Synnott, and Brad Ludden are showing us how to do it. Here, our preview of the hottest adven

High over Hemingway's Africa, our hero discovered a last epic feat somehow still undone. Going where no man has ever bothered to go before, he vowed to become the first person to descend Mount Kilimanjaro on a pair of stubby Kneissel Big Foot snowboards. Never mind that it was illegal, and basically insane.

TALL LATTE BEFORE WORK, double espresso in the afternoon, short cappuccino after dinner—it's the only way to tolerate Seattle's gray days. But when the clouds break and the Cascades, the Olympics, and Puget Sound appear, you know where you need to be. Grab a quadruple shot and get going.

The best skis and boards for gliding up and carving down

You could call it a youthful passion, but why mince words? What seized the author at age 19 was a fateful obsession with El Capitan.

Using cutting-edge techniques, three young mavericks set out to tackle one of the hardest routes in the Himalayas

So, feeling like a plunge down a Himalayan river, a race up the face of a Patagonian spire, or a ski expedition to the North (or South—that's O.K. too) Pole? Feeling a little scared? That's why we call them Tough Trips.

The Pacific Rim's most explosive endurance sport combines speed, pain, and ancient tradition

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