Turns out the navigation devices routinely overestimate distance traveled. Why that quirk hasn't—and won't—affect cyclists.

An effort by any other name won’t make you as great

And how to put off being totally, utterly f*ed

The spirit of long-distance triathlons is being swallowed by behemoths like the World Triathlon Corporation. And it's our own fault.

New research shows that while high-intensity movement is beneficial, nothing compares to the benefits of more movement

Researchers say there is indeed too much of a good thing, and it’s killing your athletic potential

Oxygen seeks to show the beauty of female athleticism—and that women can be kick-ass athletes for life

Athletes competing for no country are not new to the Games, but a concentrated effort to recruit more of them could bring exciting new competition next year

Do you really need the calories or just want them out of habit?

DNA testing service 23andMe is now FDA approved

You've probably been taught to run on soft surfaces whenever possible. Truth is, it doesn't make a difference.

In search of the everyman who will make bike commuting the norm

Cameras that shoot 360-degree footage could make virtual fitness classes a reality. But the tech’s not quite there yet.

Ultra coaches Eric Orton and Jason Koop on the importance of strength and speed over mileage

We like the price, but can this bra stand up to more expensive options from established sports brands? We put three models to the test to find out.

The so-called superfood is attempting a comeback, but don’t be fooled by its siren call

What the purchase by a Chinese billionaire means for the sport

We test three of the latest performance fuels in search of the ultimate podium snack

From extreme athlete Niccolo Porcella, the man who survived The Biggest Wipeout Ever

No, athletes aren't OD'ing on salt pills. But here's when you should lay off of them.

Columbia Sportswear announces it will pay two people a full six-month salary, plus benefits, to test gear around the world

A primer from overall winner of the Canadian Death Race, Alissa St. Laurent

A semi-scientific guide to sussing out the cheats

Have a blast while keeping your bike tire side down

Brought to you on film by running’s greatest bromantical couple

The trick is educating them with these honest, science-supported reasons why pets make our lives better

Once AT speed record attempt is complete

Exercises guaranteed to up your game, no matter your sport

Forget complicated workout regimens. CrossFit phenom Christmas Abbott shows simple strength exercises are all you need to start feeling fierce

In a surprise move, the multi-billionaire announced that he would be launching Virgin Sport. Though the initial reports are sparse on details, we have a good idea of what he wants to do: revolutionize the business of racing.

Are biotech entrepreneurs on the leading edge of science or just looking to make a quick buck? A little of both, probably.

The not-so-surprising finding: Above all else, we love little drops of chocolate and sugar

These simple strategies will lift your mood, get you outdoors, and help you spend more time doing what you love.

Tear gas challenge Cry Baby among new masochistic inventions

Surprise! You'll lose weight and end up with less screen time.

Yes, they're great for reducing soreness, but they could also be masking more serious muscular imbalances.

We always preach the importance of wearing a helmet while cycling. But new research suggests that the brain buckets aren't keeping us much safer—and one Olympian argues we should do away with them altogether. So what can we do to keep cyclists safe?

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